Greenhouses Increase Income in Mozambique

Several small farmers are learning to get profit out of their land; they are financed, receiving equipment/assets and they are learning how to do more and better. iDE is responsible for the idea that is changing the lives of many beneficiaries. From this organization, thousands of farmers found what they never had: an opportunity to […]

Forest Medicine: Stories Happen in Forests

My name’s Alison Czeczuga, I’m the Global Sourcing and Sustainability Specialist at Gaia Herbs. Gaia Herbs is a vertically integrated herbal supplement manufacturer. We don’t just have a responsibility to shareholders, but we have a responsibility to people and communities and ecological communities as well. I’ve always had an affinity for nature, and I’ve always […]

Facebook Communities: Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA)

MARCY COBURN: We are very disconnected from the people who grow our food. Cuesa is a non-profit charitable organization. Part of our mission is to cultivate a healthy food system, and we do that through educational events and farmers’ markets. We serve about 100,000 people a week. KENG XIONG: Farmers’ market, it’s everything to me. […]

Sustainable Agriculture

Governments serve as the structural framework for the functioning of most societies and have a wide range of responsibilities. While there are many types of governments, they are concerned about similar national issues from the economy to education to defense to health. Outside of the government itself, so many other groups influence society. This includes […]

RiverStone Health – Orchard School Clinic

(Children playing) The Orchard School Clinic opened in the spring of 2015. It was a collaboration between RiverStone Health and District 2 in Billings. The two of them saw that there was a need here and that this resource was needed, and along with our community partners, including Billings Clinic, we were able to open […]