Timber Trail: Must-Do Bike Trail in New Zealand – New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year

Today we are having out most challenging day to date. We’re doing an epic mountain biking mission on the Timber Trail. This morning we are waking up and the beautiful Timber Trail Lodge, it’s a sunny day today amazing it has been raining for the last couple of day and we were pretty worried because […]

Discover Rotorua, New Zealand || Geothermal Pools + Redwood Forest

Good morning, guys, how are we doing today today? We’re heading to Rotorua Rotorua is known for its sulfurous geysers and thermal baths There are also a lot of places where you can take baths So if you’re into that kinda thing there is a lot and there are beautiful Majestic redwood forests as well […]

Tokoroa, timber town – Roadside Stories

[Prince Charles] There was a very long and complicated system on the production line for producing paper, which at the end I think was going to be used for making bags to put cement in which then goes to China, as far as I could make out. But something didn’t quite work and the paper […]

Lyn O’Connell – Welcome address

Thank you and thanks very much Penny for welcoming us and the Australian contingent here today. And, as she said, it’s our second Biosecurity Innovation Exchange. So, who was there 18 months ago to the initial Biosecurity Exchange we held and hosted in Australia? So, a quick show of hands. Okay, so, only a few […]

Massey DM Series Mower Conditioner Review

My name is Cam Guy from Everything Excavations & Ag. We specialize in civil constructions and agricultural contracting for the medium to large farms. In past years, we’ve run numerous brands of mower conditioners. This year we spoke about taking the next step and moving on to the new range of the Massey Ferguson mowers. […]

Tour a Thriving 23-Year-Old Permaculture Food Forest – An Invitation for Wildness

My philosophy about what to do in the world isn’t, go to a pristine area and live there and enjoy your life. It’s to find a place that’s degraded and fix it up. Twenty-three years ago we started developing the food forest system here. A food forest is a permanent planting. So you want to […]

Farming Sustainably with Regenerative Agriculture | Restoring Paradise

I think a spiritual journey goes on hand-in-hand with an environmental one. Which I guess has got me personally to an understanding that life is about service. You know we’re blessed to have this farm and so how do we use this for the greater good? It’s a traditional sheep and cattle farm, it’s 610 […]

Meet Erica – Agricultural & Environmental Consultant and Primary Industry Champion

[Dog whistle] I do a wide range of work with farmers. I also do projects for industry and government. Most see the work as focused on sustainability of farm systems, and that’s everything from economics, through to social sustainability and environmental. And that’s a skill set that I’ve got a specialty with. My role is […]

Official Trailer: Fools & Dreamers: Regenerating a Native Forest

I think they basically thought we were naive greenies from the city. I’m sure they thought that we had come here with all these ideas and within a year or two we’d find it was all just too hard and it wasn’t happening and we’d go again. This was a largely gorse-infested farm. Gorse is […]