Dutch free range farming – The Netherlands from above

The Futuristic Farms That Will Feed the World | Freethink | Future of Food

And that gives a little bit of an indication of the pressure on the food system. We just face a huge challenge. With the growth in population, with the change in consumption behavior. With the climate crisis, how do you secure your food production? The real secret is the sustainable production. It should be with […]

A misty morning in the Dutch forest | Landscape photographer Albert Dros

When people look at my photo, I want them to… look a bit longer than normal. So, because I was travelling a lot I was always shooting with small cameras. And, at that time full-frame sensor, small body, I was like, “This is what I need!” I started photographing with that and I noticed how […]

How the Netherlands Led a Food Revolution

The Netherlands is a small country. It’s so small, you could fit it into the U.S. two hundred and seventy times. But it’s big when it comes to making food. Remarkably it has the second largest agricultural exports in the world, mainly through being able to produce vast amounts of food on tiny plots. The […]

Improve the yield of greenhouses with cogeneration – English Subtitles

Welcome to Prominent. We are here in one of our greenhouses. Prominent is a grower association. We produce 20% of the Dutch tomatoes in greenhouses here in the Netherlands. We have 35 different growing locations and in all of these different locations we make use of the application of CHP. CHP for us is very […]

Commerce, Agriculture, and Slavery: Crash Course European History #8

Hi I’m John Green and this is Crash Course European History. So, last time, we were focusing on queens and kings and rivalries.Today we’re gonna take a break from struggles over religion and political disputes that made for so much violence and look instead at some basics of everyday life–the foods people ate centuries ago, […]

Toxic Air Might be Mutating Human DNA + 4 Other Horror Climate Stories

Welcome to Extinction Update an environmental alarm clock today we bring you five stories of human stupidity fucking up planet Earth like did you know there’s a wall of shit covered wet wipes blocking the London Thames? Or that MDMA is killing trees? Or that human DNA could be changing due to air pollution? Our […]

Greenhouse Datacenters Tour

Greenhouse Datacenters offers housing facilities with a service at a very high level. This means that we host your equipment in a high quality and secure environment. Our datacenter is built according the TIER3 standard. That means that all facilities are equipped in a way that the possibility of downtime is pretty good zero. In […]

Why The NETHERLANDS is the World’s AGRICULTURE leader? – VisualPolitik EN

I’m going to ask a question and you can’t Google it. What’s the biggest agricultural power in Europe? Who is the biggest food exporter in all across the EU? Many will think Spain, Italy, or maybe France. After all, these countries have good weather and thousands of hectares of arable land. However, none of these […]

How Dutch Gouda Is Made At A 100-Year-Old Family Farm | Regional Eats

Claudia Romeo: Every year, 650 million kilos of Gouda cheese are produced in the Netherlands. Most of it is produced industrially, using pasteurized milk. But there are some exceptions. We’re here to visit one of the few farms that is still producing traditional raw-milk Gouda cheese. Marije Van der Poel: We make a real farming […]