Tesoro Vivo – Community managed forests under threat from mining in Mexico

Why would someone come to destroy what we have, what we live in, where we are, what we are? This would reach the point where we would have to leave our territory, because we tend to disappear. LIVING TREASURE Mexico is the 4th country in the world with the most mining concessions and the 6th […]

Making Beautiful, Simple Ant Farms

So AC Family, I felt it was time to revert back for a bit to some classic ant keeping, just ants and a setup. And it just so happens, that one of my most cherished ant colonies has been due for a very long time now for a new ant farm upgrade. It’s been awhile […]

Starting Our Food Forest and Permaculture Woodland In Nova Scotia Canada: Episode One Zone 6b

Episode One {ambient piano music} Replenishing a forgotten lot into a small woodland and food forest with Nature trails and areas for repose. This area was supposed to become a small horse field but after my equine partner passed away, it was left to grow into a tangle of brambles, evergreens and clumping maples. I […]

My New Favourite Ant Farm of All Time

We ant keepers usually have that one dream ant colony, that one species of ant that fills an ant-loving mind with excitement and wonder. I’ve owned dozens of species of ants in my life time, but there is one species that stands out in my mind as one of my ultimate favourites, and at one […]

🐢🐨 Detector Dogs Find Koalas Surviving in Burnt Out Forest | WWF-Australia

“Yes!” “Aha!” “We’ve got fresh scats. Very fresh.” “Yeah, here!” “You got it?” “Just there!” “Good girl Missy!” “Wow!” It’s fantastic. And it’s great to see that koalas are surviving some of the fires and they can recolonise the forest as they grow.

Theory in Practice: A Tour of Zaytuna Farm

– Hi, Geoff Lawton here. And this is a 66 acre Zaytuna Farm which we started developing in 2001 through 2002. And, we laid out the mainframe of water harvesting systems, like this old swale here. This is the oldest, largest swale on the property. Planted the fruit forest, which is a perennial system. Even […]

Butterfly Farming IS AMAZING – (Full Life Cycle) – Smarter Every Day 96

Zaytuna Farm Update, January 2020

Hi, Geoff Lawton here. And after almost three months of consultancies and international aid work, I’ve returned home here to Zaytuna Farm. While I’ve been away, bushfires in the country’s southeast have burned nearly 6.3 million hectares of this beautiful country that I call home. People have lost their lives, properties have been destroyed, and […]

Forest schools: A growing alternative for parents wanting less screen time for kids | ABC News

I think it’s a huge part of my role as a forest school leader is to support families to understand how diverse and fabulous this environment is. People are coming to me because they want to reconnect with nature, that’s a really innate part of who they feel that they want to be or they […]