Lichens: Corals of the Forest

[Narrator] Do you see them? Look closely. There’s at least 20 different species here! We’re talking lichens. Although we often glaze over lichens when talking about biodiversity, their presence, usefulness, and impact on the environment is vast. But not everyone passes them by. Lichenology is for people who appreciate the little things in life. [Troy […]

Shawnee State Forest in 4K | Backpacking with 3 Survival Bushcraft Firestarting Methods

[Andrew narrating] While living at his cabin in the woods surrounding Walden Pond, Thoreau noted that if all people lived as simply as he did thieving and robbery would be unknown. When we first started Adventure Archives, we wanted to discover what the outdoors could teach us about ourselves and our society Why did nature […]

Agriturismo fattoria Cà Di Sole – cuccioli, cibo e relax -Eng Subs- Farmhouse Cà Di Sole

Hi everyone!! I’m Fedro and this is Eatrip!! Before leaving you to the video, I remind you that the only way to support this project is to subscribe to the youtube channel Now you can also subscribe by hovering over one of our videos and at the bottom right you will find our symbol, just […]

Illegal Marijuana Farms Endanger Wildlife on California’s Public Lands | National Geographic

So two teams coming off separate points on the ridge, press out with it Okay, right where we’re at right now is what would be considered the lion’s den of marijuana cultivation in California or North America? This is also a prime area for a lot of threatened endangered species There’s a marijuana garden about […]

Farming for Bird Habitat in California’s Delta

– We are used to creating these beautiful places, National Parks. The Yosemites, the Yellowstones, buying them and preserving them. But we could only do that so many times around the world. And so finding places like Staten, where you could have agriculture and also bird habitat. Then it’s a win-win and that’s what we’re […]

Walking in the forest | Gotjawal Park (Relaxing Nature Sounds) ASMR Ambience

Walking in the forest | Gotjawal Park (Relaxing Nature Sounds) ASMR Ambience

NEW ACTION MOVIES 2016 FULL MOVIE Magical Forest and Animals -Tropics in europe (Special #4)

“Plants and animals of Europe” is intended for all nature lovers. wild growing species of animal plants, occurring in Europe up to the Urals, inclusive. Currently, there are about 10,000 species of ferns in the world, which is a small number compared to their prehistoric diversity (it is believed that there were about one million […]

When Nature Strikes Back

Number 8 Global Warming and Hurricanes While the conversation on global warming has been somewhat polarizing, the vast majority of the global scientific community has reached a consensus regarding its impact. Human activity, namely greenhouse gas emission, is often cited as a major contributor to the global rise in temperature. One of the ways nature […]

잠시 쉬어가는 힐링타임 Break Time with Natural Dog (나는 자연 강아지다)

Today I came to the farm house where I visit sometimes on the weekends It’s located in the small town and has similar altitude with the city where I live in Actually, I came to see this cutie She lost the owner and wandered around the mountain then decided to stay here as our surprise […]

A clear solution for farmers – Farm Yard Infrastructure

the farm yards the hub of the farm but it can also be the place where there’s the biggest threat of pollution Catchment Sensitive Farming gives farmers support and financial help towards improvements that can make our waters cleaner and safer David Mitchum’s a mixed farmer in Devon and for him, containing animals as well […]