Urban Homestead Grows 150 Fruit Trees in the Desert on 1/3 Acre

Alright! This is John Kohler, from growingyourgreens.com ! Today I have another exciting episode for you! And here we’re standing in suburbia, and this is a very unlikely place to see a whole edible food forest garden with over a hundred fifty (150) fruit trees on about a little over a third of an acre. […]

Am I too old for climate activism? | Trees vs Palm Oil

this is pita beak at 70 years pitas a self-made climate activists Jessica Rita – American Sweden one day Pete decided to start a silent revolution in his home country Indonesia a revolution that is turning once deforested land back into lush forests peat is from Indonesia for now and like most of the people […]

Photography Tips: Tree Panning Movement Blur

come out of the woods with brown again what are we gonna do well I want to talk to you about techniques of photography things that we do with cameras about controls and ways of using them and thinking about how they work I know I bang on about thinking but it is the most […]

The Farm of the Future | Earthship Inspired Greenhouse | Valhalla Kickstarter Promo

Valhalla is a community of people hell-bent On making communal, sustainable living mainstream. Together we can build the world That our hearts tells us is possible So we’ve aquired a 60 acre piece of land 20 minutes away from Montreal and now We want to do something amazing with it We live in a time […]