Controlling Algae in Farm Ponds

Hello, my name is Todd Sink and I’m the Fisheries Extension Specialist with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. As you can see here it’s spring time in Texas most of the trees are beginning to bud out and most pond owners are once again getting back out to visit their ponds, and many of […]

Caving in a Leprechaun Forest – Epic Ireland

Dave, you okay? Hey everybody Dave here coming at you from Killarney again It is roadtrip time. We’re renting this minivan with five other vloggers and bloggers. We’re going to drive up towards Galway I think we’re doing caving today, Actually. Here is our crew. This is Crystal, say hi to YouTube Hi, Kaleigh Vrithi […]

How to set up paludarium stream forest..

I started to looking for stones on the beach The sea here is very beautiful and much stone I start work I attached a piece of plastic pipe to the water pump I added lots of lava rocks around the pump to create a place for microbes and water filters Next, I choose plants to […]

#ICOScapes | Auchencorth Moss (UK) | Greenhouse gas observations

There are not actually many peatland sites in the world where CO2 fluxes are being measured. One reason why we are measuring carbon fluxes here at this peatland is to see how the carbon exchange might develop into the future with climate change. As the vegetation grows it takes up carbon from the atmosphere and […]


Hi friends, today we are going to show you how to make a self-sustaining terrarium from a light bulb. Later on you will get to know why it is a self-sustaining terrarium. As you must have guessed we will need a regular incandescent light bulb. Before starting working on the project let me put on […]

The Craziest Ant Farm I’ve Ever Made

This El Dragon paludarium setup was such a huge success. It made me look over to our Black Dragons’ neighbours, the Golden Empire in their Hacienda Del Dorado. Our Yellow Crazy Ants have been living in this terrarium for over a year. Look at all of that chaos! The Hacienda Del Dorado was in desperate […]