Hey Bill Nye, ‘How Do Greenhouse Gases Trap Photons in Our Atmosphere’? #TuesdaysWithBill

Hello Mr. Nye. Happy Tuesday. My name is Billy. I’m a big fan and I have a question about climate change. If the photons from the sun are trapped in our atmosphere by our greenhouse gases then how come those same greenhouse gases don’t block photons from the sun from ever entering our atmosphere? Is […]

#ICOScapes | Jungfraujoch (Switzerland) | Greenhouse gas observations

Jungfraujoch is the highest station in the ICOS network. In contrast to most of the ICOS stations that equip with tall towers on rather flat terrain we are here in a very complex terrain in the Swiss alps and we’re sitting on a kind of a natural tall tower at 3500 metres above sea level. […]

#ICOScapes | Auchencorth Moss (UK) | Greenhouse gas observations

There are not actually many peatland sites in the world where CO2 fluxes are being measured. One reason why we are measuring carbon fluxes here at this peatland is to see how the carbon exchange might develop into the future with climate change. As the vegetation grows it takes up carbon from the atmosphere and […]

What do natural greenhouse emissions from wetlands and permafrosts mean for Paris Agreement targets?

I’m Edward Comyn-Platt. I’m a biogeochemist at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. In 2015 countries from around the world signed the Paris climate agreement which committed them to limit global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees centigrade above pre-industrial levels Our study demonstrated that human-caused fossil fuel emissions must be reduced by an […]

A Climate Minute – The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse effect was discovered in 1824, but what is it? Without the greenhouse effect, the earth would be a frozen ball in space. While the majority of our atmosphere is oxygen and nitrogen, a small fraction consists of greenhouse gases such as, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, ‘as well’ as other trace gases. […]

#ICOScapes | Lanžhot (Czech Republic) | Greenhouse gas observations

Today, we are visiting Lanžhot. Lanžhot is one of the ecosystem stations, in floodplain forest. Our study site is very important for ICOS measurements because of artificially altered hydrological regime. This may allow us to create general assumptions about how floodplain ecosystem can behave under changing climate. Those assumptions then, can be applicable globally for […]

How Seaweed Could Slow Down Climate Change

We are hooked on meat. We chop, slice, and sink our teeth into it, it’s rooted in our genes and culture, and globally speaking, appetites are on the rise. The average amount of meat consumed per person has nearly doubled in the past 50 years. And this demand is putting an incredible amount of pressure […]

Cow Burps Are Warming the Planet

Thanks to CuriosityStream for supporting PBS Digital Studios. If you grew up in suburbia like me, you might not have ever considered the fact that cows are pretty gassy creatures. Just ask the German farmer who in 2014 had to deal with a slight exploding shed problem, thanks to his dairy cattle’s burps. Turns out […]

‘Hey Bill Nye, Is There a Conspiracy to Cover Up Agricultural Climate Change?’ #TuesdaysWithBill

Batman: Hello Bill. I’m Batman and I’m a big fan. My question to you is why isn’t the agricultural sector especially with the cows being addressed with global warming with as much media attention as oil companies seeing as it is actually the biggest factor affecting global warming. At this day and age do you […]

Which Greenhouse Gas is Actually the WORST? | Hot Mess 🌎

Earth’s atmosphere naturally contains greenhouse gases. Without them, the world would be way too cold for humans: averaging an icy 0 degrees fahrenheit [-18C] instead of the cozy average of 59 degrees [15C] it is today. But we are adding extra greenhouse gases, which are causing Earth to heat up and disrupting weather patterns worldwide. […]