Gong Farmer (Worst Jobs in History)

This episode is sponsored by Wix go to wix.com forward slash go forward slash simple history to create a website now Gong farmer Disgusting jobs in history a A job as disgusting as it was dangerous. Until the development of modern plumbing, the gong farmer filled an important role within communities. Like most professions centered […]

Forests in the olden days

I’m in a wood, a rather pretty wood. And a rather special kind of wood. But more about that later. First, let me talk about a persistent myth, which is that Britain and Europe were a sort of forest. A great big forest until the agricultural and/or industrial revolution. No, they weren’t. This has been […]

Miniature Building Authority Stone Farm House and Small Stucco Townhouse

I’m gonna start with the unboxing of this Miniature Building Authority building which is the Small Stucco Townhouse with the Dormer uh just in case anyone has a question or is curious about how they ship. I know I refer to this in the Crystal Caste Farmhouse buildings unboxing because the mechanism of the foam […]

18 Tips and Tricks for better survival in Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Hello everybody, I am Phono and today I want to show you some tips and tricks I came up with while playing Life is Feudal: Forest Village. Let’s start! Number 1: Location! When selecting a new map, look for a starting point located in a bay or something similar to this to get the most […]

This Abandoned Medieval Village Holds a Grisly Secret