Tilapia and Cachama – Fish farming – English Subtitles – TvAgro By Juan Gonzalo Angel

(music) (narrator) Fish farming is a branch of zootechnics, its purpose being the rearing of fish. The specifics, in relation to the general activity of fishing, lies precisely in the fact that in fish farming, the development of fish is done with the intervention, knowledge and action of man, especially with that relating to genetic […]

Rob Greenfield Interviews Joel Salatin: The Lunatic Farmer

Hey everyone! It is 3 weeks since I finished my year of growing and foraging all of my food and I am in Swoope, Virginia at Joel Salatin’s farm, Polyface Farm. So many of you have probably heard of Joel Salatin, he’s been called the world’s most famous farmer. And the reason that I’m here […]

Vegan activists unmask the cruelty of animal agriculture | DW Stories

For a long, long time I didn’t know what was happening to the cows and the chickens and the dairy and egg industry. So once I learned that they forcibly impregnate the cows, take their babies away, kill the bulls, exploit the mothers for five years until they kill them, grinding up male chickens…so there’s […]

In the Field: Livestock in Regenerative Agriculture

So Kent, should we really be eating meat? Jerry, that’s a big question. A lot of people are talking about that these days. Well I’m sure hearing a lot about it. I think it’s more the “how” than the “what.” Unfortunately, I think we tend to focus on the “what” because it’s easy to get […]

Bavaria | Tradition and progress – Cattle farming

I’m sure that livestock sometimes think that we humans must be off our rockers. But as a farmer, there’s nothing better than successfully bringing together tradition and progress. My name is Josef Müller. Our 80 Braunvieh cows produce high-quality dairy and meat produce – – thanks to modern technology and livestock-friendly traditions. Of course, with […]

How industrial farming techniques can breed superbugs

JUDY WOODRUFF: But first: our special series Stopping Superbugs. This week science correspondent, Miles O’Brien and economics correspondent Paul Solman tag-team again for a look at how the use of antibiotics in livestock can lead to unhealthy, even dangerous outcomes. Miles begins at a Missouri pig farm, as part of our weekly science series, Leading […]

Japanese Wagyu Beef Story (from Farm to Table) ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Japanese Wagyu Beef Story: From Farm to Table ONLY in JAPAN Travelling Japan for food is nothing new, every region of Japan has its own unique cuisine and when it comes to beef Japan’s Wagyu is worth the trip. Ibaraki prefecture’s Hitachi Beef brand is one of the closest to Tokyo So Dean and I […]

Rhug Estate Organic Farm Story

I am very proud of what we do at Rhug. I have a great team, and I often wonder when I am abroad why our meat is being bought, by some of the most important and well known accounts in these far off places. They could be buying Welsh lamb, but they are buying Rhug […]