How to measure the height for your DIY café style shutters

Measure height for café style shutters For the height, measure to where you would like your shutters to stop. This can be any point on the window you desire. Either here, in the glass area or to a natural break point on the window such as this.

What is a z frame shutter mount?

A Z frame is used for inside mount installations and sits like this. This front lip wraps around the recess like this and is a great frame to cover up uneven walls and give a neat installation. If you have a window sill that protrudes, like this, we can make the bottom frame with no […]

How to measure the divide point for your tier on tier window shutters

Help Me Understand Measuring tier on tier divide point When ordering tier on tier shutters, we need to know the position you would like your panels to divide. To get this dimension, measure from the bottom UP to the point of where you’d like the panels to be split. Remember, you don’t need to worry […]

How to caulk in your new window shutter frames like a professional

To finish off your installation like a professional, run a thin line of caulk between the frame and your wall like this. Run the caulk like this and wipe smooth with a damp cloth.

Window Shutter Glossary – Tier and Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters cover your entire window. The upper panels can be opened independently of the bottom giving privacy on the bottom and maximum light at the top.

Window Shutter Glossary – Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters cover the entire window. The panels are hinged to open like this. You can add a mid rail or divide the run of louvers giving separate slat control and increased flexibility.

How to measure an arched window for shutters

Help Me Measure – Shutters for Arch Windows Measuring for shutters for an arch window like this is simple. Before you start, make sure you’ve got a good quality metal tape measure – it’ll help you take really accurate dimensions. It’s worth printing off our measure forms to note down your sizes too. For any […]

Window Shutter Glossary – Inside Mount

Inside mount means that the shutters are mounted inside the recess on a window like this. You can mount the shutters to sit tight to the window like this, or at the front of the recess like this. Installing at the front is better if you intend to open the panels regularly as they will […]

Window Shutter Glossary – Café style shutters

Café style shutters cover the lower portion of your window. You can leave the top open or incorporate other window treatments like drapes or fabric blinds.

How to install a 3 section angled bay window shutter

Help Me Install – 3 Section Angled Bay Shutters Your shutters are designed for DIY installation so they are really simple to fit. Depending upon the configuration you’ve ordered, you should have received: – Long boxes containing your shutter frames – Larger boxes containing your shutter panels Look out for a sticker like this on […]