German Shepherd in the forest/Owczarek Niemiecki w lesie

We’re in our favourite forest Very close to our home The mountain forest Without any wolves & bears Good place for off-leash walks Here! Here Major, here! Major goes own path Major! To me! There you’re Come here I see you Come on A happy Major in the forest So what now wolf? You’re in […]

The Illinois State Transfer Experience – Agriculture

Hi. My name is Wade Hutchens. I’m from Ewing, Illinois. I transferred to ISU from Rend Lake College. and I study animal science and animal industry management. So, when I was looking at transferring from my junior college, which was Rend Lake, I went on a lot of different visits, and when I came to […]

Forest and Natural Resource Management at the University of Minnesota

[music playing] The Forest and Natural Resource Management major is really designed to train students who are interested in working in forested ecosystems, whether they’re managed for timber production, whether they’re managed for the ecosystem services like watershed protection, whether they’re protected and used for recreational resources or whether they occur in our urban systems. […]