Cane and catastrophe in Osmanabad: ‘Farmers are looking for money… taking loans, mortgaging land’

When will you begin the sowing process? Will start once it rains You would need fertilisers, seeds for that… People are looking around for money. Taking loans, mortgaging land How did you raise funds? I mortgaged my wife’s gold worth 1 lakh with a cooperative [a micro-finance company] They gave me 55,000 in return I […]

Sugarcane Looper Moth

The long road to the sugarcane fields: migrant workers, Marathwada | Maharashtra

What is your name? Satyabhan Laxman Jadhav For how many years have you been migrating as a sugarcane cutter? It has been 17 years Diwali came earlier this year so you must have celebrated it with family after a long time? Yes, the entire family was together How many people in your family? Parents, my […]

Get 60 lakhs from 1 Acre Sugarcane | SUGARCANE MARKETING | PART 2 | Pestomatic Controls

hello friends I start by welcoming you to this second part of getting more productive while you are farming sugarcane You thought in the first part we learned about how to grow 60k sugarcane in an acre As we assume that there we produce 60k ready sugarcane which can be salable in the sugar factory […]

All alone in Dhangarwadi: Sugarcane workers migrate from Beed, Marathwada

What is your name? Ashok Bhagwat Gadhve Where are your parents? They have migrated to cut cane When did they leave? About two and a half months ago Do you live alone? Yes What about food and other things? I cook my own food For how many years have your parents been cutting cane? From […]

Vaibhav Adjustable Cultivator in Sugarcane farm

6 Tyne 6 Feet Adjustable Cultivator in Sugarcane farm used for Inter Cultivation Manufacturer: Vaibhav Agro Industries, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Ph:(0241)2777535, 9420703399

Get 60 lakhs from 1 Acre Sugarcane |SUGARCANE MARKETING | PART 1 | Pestomatic Controls

When we think about village business anyone won’t get idea what business should we start ? and there is no surety about started business till date who had started get failed means there is no business in village? In cities wake up early work full time with lots of load and return late with lots […]

‘I didn’t get any fruits. Only the orchard survived’

What is your name? Bhausaheb Bhere How much mosambi do you have? One hectare How have you managed the orchard? I used some of my own water Spent 50,000 on tankers as well Did it work? It did. Though 25-30 trees still died The orchard survived, but what about fruits? No. I didn’t get any […]