Time Stopped in this Old Abandoned St. Valentine’s Farmhouse

Dear Valentine, I see you’re older now. Yes. You’ve changed. A lot. Pain and loneliness did that to me, too. Loving is hard, it doesn’t always work out. But it’s ok. Some days you just have to create your own sunshine. Let it all go..and see what stays. Love, Dark Pirate.

Abandoned Madman’s Dream Mansion’s Tragic Deaths

As we traveled week after week down small farm tracks or trails over rolling hills and mountains through valleys and woods one location States sharpen our minds standing out as our ultimate goal among the lost mansions of Scotland today we take you deep into the highlands to this amazing rarely visited seldom photographed and […]

Ruiny pałacu z czynną kaplicą HD URBEX | Abandoned Palace | Urban Exploration |

The ruins of the palace where the chapel is located Good welcome in the next place maybe you can not get in here, to be honest but … but we will try. Some broken window but a bit too high. Here is an entrance to the basement. The high basement is also and what? What […]