Unusual Plants From Logee’s Greenhouse + Buying Plants Online

hello hello hello you guys and welcome back to my channel in today’s video we are going to do an unboxing from a nursery that I have never purchased from before it’s called logees greenhouse or logee’s greenhouse logee’s greenhouse im not entirelly .. what? logees officially that’s what I’m saying logee’s greenhouse so I’m […]

Kevin the Cashier at a Christmas Tree Lot

There are two weeks left until Christmas and a lot of people are out buying christmas trees so I decided to send my writer Adam to a Christmas tree lot to play a cashier named Kevin. We set up hidden cameras and here’s what happened.>>Kevin the Cashier, played by Adam. [MUSIC]>>Hi, can I help you […]

The ‘Growing Pains’ When Matthew Perry Drove Drunk And Hit A Tree

(cheerful music) – [Narrator] Carol’s getting ready for her date with Sandy, a guy who is not yet her boyfriend, because Sandy’s not trying to rush into any labels. Papa Seaver questions Sandy’s intentions, as sand often invades bodily crevices when you least expect it. Mama Seaver likes Sandy, Papa remains skeptical, and Papa ain’t […]

RESCATANDO A MI HIJO !! – The Forest | Fernanfloo

How are you guys? We are here with a new… (coughs) Oh my gosh… First video of the year And I’m sick huahahahah How are you doing, people from YouTube? We are here With a new video for the channel And look at the memories we will create today because we are in THE FOREST! […]

Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Deal With Madison, Wisconsin

– Hi Mom! I’m in Madeline, Wasabi. Home of the Wasabi Bastards. Let’s go get a sausage, and have a good time. Are you joking my ass? Yum yum yum, let’s go to KungFuTea, get some KungFuTea cake. I asked this beautiful Biscansin babe for a yummy kiss, and she kicked me right in my […]

Top 10 Things That Keep Me Awake at Night

Hey, if you’re watching this and it’s late at night, and you have school tomorrow, I’m sorry. Top 10 things that keep me awake at night Number 10: Eating all those sugary snacks before my bedtime. My bloodsugar goes through the roof. Sorry, I just can’t help myself I love a good cookie dipped in […]

PC Culture Comes To The Plantation

Now, I reckon ya’ll are wondering why I’ve gathered all ya’ll here today. It seems to me that there’s a lack of morale amongst ya, and so, for the sake of synergy and cohesion, I hope to get to the bottom of it. I am most concerned about the gender dynamics in the field work. […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro Today, I’m hanging out with my friend, Justine and Hi! and I want to make a video because we just got back from Hawaii. Oh man, we did a FOUR mile kayak and then we hiked for two miles to a waterfall It was incredible! (it was beautiful) We ate a […]

La Hacienda Del Amor Del Oro Verde – Ep1 : PEDRO GUZMÁN

In the last episode of hacienda del amor del Oro Verde Pedro Gravira Guzman “El Colombiano”, the ruthless chief of the avocado cartel, the mexican green gold has become number one of global export. He just got married with Manuela Escobar, the daughter of Pablo Escobar who pretended to be dead to avoid jail. this […]

Why Superman Is The Most Dangerous Superhero (Superman V Batman: The Unauthorized Adventures)

Nice work Robin. Gotham is safe again from the Joker and his goons. Thanks Batman. That was a close one. No kidding. Never fear. Superman is here. Supe– Ooh God! Oh no. Oh God, Robin. So where’s the Joker? Let’s get fighting, right. Superman, you just crushed Robin. O-Oh. Are you sure I did that? […]