How To: Natural Farming No Smell Piggery

hey guys it’s my pleasure to share with you today how to do a no smell natural farming piggery there’s a bunch of cool things we can talk about with animal husbandry and natural farming, feed formulation, density, and how to care for the well being physically and even psychologically of your of your animals […]

Rice, Apple, Goat, Recreational, Farming and Ranching – America’s Heartland

>>Hi, I’m Sarah Gardner. Coming up on America’s Heartland, what does it take to succeed when it comes to agriculture? Let’s introduce you to some very special people whose unique approaches to agriculture have made them successful farmers and ranchers. We’ll visit a New England apple orchard where city folks are the secret to this […]

Multi-species Grazing for Sustainable Farming

Again, I’d like to also welcome everybody to this afternoon’s webinar. I think it’s an exciting topic, as we were trying to plan for this year’s series on organic and sustainable agriculture topics. We try to put a special emphasis on livestock, as today’s presentation will clearly indicate, along with the one in April about […]

In the Field: Livestock in Regenerative Agriculture

So Kent, should we really be eating meat? Jerry, that’s a big question. A lot of people are talking about that these days. Well I’m sure hearing a lot about it. I think it’s more the “how” than the “what.” Unfortunately, I think we tend to focus on the “what” because it’s easy to get […]

Bavaria | Tradition and progress – Cattle farming

I’m sure that livestock sometimes think that we humans must be off our rockers. But as a farmer, there’s nothing better than successfully bringing together tradition and progress. My name is Josef Müller. Our 80 Braunvieh cows produce high-quality dairy and meat produce – – thanks to modern technology and livestock-friendly traditions. Of course, with […]

Korean Natural Farming How to : FPJ

Hello. Welcome. And this is a How to: Fermented Plant Juice. This is a simple video step on how to make it. If you want the details and the scientific facts, check out my other video: All About Fermented Plant Juice For the rest of the video we will call this FPJ. The first thing […]

How industrial farming techniques can breed superbugs

JUDY WOODRUFF: But first: our special series Stopping Superbugs. This week science correspondent, Miles O’Brien and economics correspondent Paul Solman tag-team again for a look at how the use of antibiotics in livestock can lead to unhealthy, even dangerous outcomes. Miles begins at a Missouri pig farm, as part of our weekly science series, Leading […]

Management of Contract Farms

When we partner with a grower at Cooper Farms, we don’t just stop our attention to that grower at the completion of the building. Part of our program at Cooper’s is to audit our growers to make sure they are following proper procedures, so as far as vegetation around the building, making sure rodents are […]

Longbranch Crossing – 2,785 +/- Acres of Hunting, Ranch and Timber Land FOR SALE

Introducing Cooper Farms – Hog Farming Series

We not only own many of our farms, but we also partner with growers to grow a lot of our animals. Before we ever place a farm on a property we go around to all the neighbors and we explain what we’re doing and invite them to come to see the farm, to see our […]