Traveling Iraq Rural Area Near Najaf City Middle East 2020

I’m traveling in Iraq in this video Rural area of Iraq

A Working Day – Farmer, Yorkshire

I’m Neil Hazeltine, I live and work at Hill Top Farm in Malham. I was born and bred at Malham, I’ve always lived on the farm. The family has been here for over a hundred years. Everyday there’s something to do. There’s never a day when there’s not to do so it’s a very incessant […]

You Are My Everything Duet w/ K.Brown of Timber FULL SONG : [B-Rock 비록]

Turn off the lights in my room, alone by myself in the dark. Lay my body on my bed tryin to sleep but I just can’t The night of break up what I could not say Last farewell of even saying goodbye was all just fake I thought I forgot I believed I forgot For […]