Photography Tips: Tree Panning Movement Blur

come out of the woods with brown again what are we gonna do well I want to talk to you about techniques of photography things that we do with cameras about controls and ways of using them and thinking about how they work I know I bang on about thinking but it is the most […]

Conditional probability tree diagram example | Probability | AP Statistics | Khan Academy

– [Instructor] A company screens job applicants for illegal drug use at a certain stage in their hiring process. The specific test they use has a false positive rate of two percent and a false negative rate of one percent. Suppose that five percent of all their applicants are actually using illegal drugs and we […]

Phylogenetic trees | Evolution | Khan Academy

– [Voiceover] When we look at all of the living diversity around us, then a natural question is, well, how related are the difference species to each other? And if you put that into an evolutionary context, relatedness should be tied to how recent did two species share a common ancestor. And what we’re going […]

Trees and Squirrels (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks)

[ Silence ] [ Students quietly talking ] Good. Now we’re going to move to my next game, which is Trees and Squirrels. Now, what I’m going to do, I’m going to — my trees. How do we make a tree? Stand up, here, Jesus. If I put you guys as a partner, okay, you’re […]

Learn Colors and Decorate the Tree with Shawn the Train

Hey! I know where there is a big tree we can decorate. Are you ready to decorate the Christmas tree? Look! All my ornaments are different colors. I have YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN. Ok. Now let’s go put them on the tree! Benny: “Excuse me, I’ve got to get to the North Pole!” […]

Orchard Bank Online Payment — An E-Banking Facility To Make Your Life Easier – Professor Savings

Hi! Blair with Professor Savings here,on Orchard Bank Online Payment. 2) With internet banking it is possible to transfer funds, invest in shares and shop online. 3) Internet banking requires the customer to take security precautions because they are dealing with their hard earned money which needs to be safe guarded. Read more tips on […]

Simple Sentence Trees

Welcome avid learner of linguistics! I thought it was about time I made a video about syntax. So here’s something very basic: How to draw simple sentence trees. Let us first take a look into what we would need for such a tree. When we draw tree diagrams and syntax, we can classify pieces of […]

Watercolor Painting: A House & Church : Watercolor Painting a House & Church: Power Lines

Now we’re going to put some lines down. Power lines, or telephone lines, I don’t know which. Insulators on the top of the telephone poles. And some more shadows down there, and some burnt sienna, going to redefine some of the shapes over here. Some shutters in here.