🤔WRONG COLOR? ENTIRE New HOUSE PAINT REVEAL | Large Family Fixer Upper Empty House Tour!

(mellow music) – Okay friends, I know I’m gonna have to register a trademark of this hat because this whole week that we’ve been moving, I have made all my videos with me in this hat. Anyway, I can’t believe it. So, the painting is done at the house, the kitchen painting is done, all, […]

🎄Large Family DOLLAR TREE CHRISTMAS HAUL | Stocking Stuffers + 🎁Gift Ideas!

– Well, friends, I am back with another haul video for you today. This is my huge Large Family Dollar Tree Haul, plus I’m gonna share with you the awesome chapter books that I snagged at one of my favorite thrift stores for chapter books, that is perfect for our homeschool library. Let me just […]


(gentle guitar music) – Okay friends, we are at Dollar Tree today. I’m going to see all the amazing things that they have for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. Let’s see what’s new at Dollar Tree. Today’s video is a collab video with my friend over on Marriage and Motherhood. Now I just got done watching […]

Large Family Greenhouse Vegetable Garden Plant Haul | Homeschool Gardening

– Today we had a little adventure and I took the kids to a local greenhouse to get a bunch of discounted plants for our vegetable garden. I am bound and determined, whether I have a neck brace or not, that we are going to get a large garden in this summer. So since it’s […]

🍎Homeschool Day Out Trip to the Apple Orchard! 🍏 Homeschooling Mom of 7

– Guys, I am here actually sitting in my bedroom on my bedroom floor, getting my makeup done. My husband has been leading the charge this morning for the kids to get ready, because today is a field trip to the apple orchard. And I, I just had several other things I had to do, […]