DIY Antique Farmhouse Chalkboard Chicken Pig Cow Stencil

Start by using Spray Repositionable Adhesive on the back of your stencil Give the spray 30-60 seconds to get tacky before pressing to the center of your project Use a ruler to measure the sides of your stencil from the sides of the mat to makes sure it’s centered Press down your stencil and then […]

How Lane Southern Orchards in Georgia became a tourism spot

[BLANK_AUDIO] This really used to be a cinderblock building, and it was like the sales office. The sales team were selling the peaches to Kroger, Walmart, the big box stores when they would have knocks on the door of people passing by wanting to buy peaches. So they decided one year to hire a college […]

⁴ᴷ⁵⁰ Walking Moscow: Moscow Center – from Kropotkinskaya Metro Station to New Arbat Ave

Prechistenskaya Naberezhnaya (Promenade) Dom Pertsovoy Embassy of Madagascar Osobnyak Tsvetkova 1-Y Zachat’yevskiy Pereulok (Lane) Medical Center 2-Y Zachat’yevskiy Pereulok (Lane) Pamyatnik Svyatitelyu Aleksiyu Mitropolitu Moskovskomu (Monument) Khram V Chest ‘Nerukotvornogo Obraza Spasitelya Nadvratnyy Ulitsa Ostozhenka Mansurovskiy Pereulok (Lane) Embassy of Syria The House of The master from Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita” Architect House Kuznetsova […]