Avatar Mountains! Zhangjiajie National Forest

We have a very late start this morning because I am slow. We asked for a good place to eat and the woman at our hostel was like “I’ll take you there!” So she brought us here, so we are going to eat here. I don’t know what Sizzling Crystal Powder is but it sounds […]

Professional Grade 5mm Holiday Lights – Tree Wrapping Tips

When it comes to holiday lighting, the average consumer isn’t aware of the vast differences in quality between the retail product and the professional-grade product sold through Ewing Irrigation. For example, one of the most popular styles of holiday lighting are the 5mm minis. When installed outdoors, the biggest problem is moisture intrusion due to […]

How To Protect Trees From Wood Boring Insects

Wood boring insects like emerald ash borer have been a hot topic of discussion in the lawn and landscape industry as of late. With the death of millions of ash trees since first being found in 2002, there is now more than ever an increased emphasis on finding insecticide treatments that can help stop and […]

How to Paint Better Landscapes – Tree Forms – Video One

hello everyone welcome to the art of Joseph Finchum tutorial series I am as always tutorial series and you’re–you I’m going to be doing a tutorial on painting tree forms today I’m starting over here on my drawing table I’ve already put down some quick guide sketches and now I’m just going to darken them […]

10 Unique ideas of How to Build Backyard Tree Landscapes

The backyard is a fun and spacious place where you can spend some time in the morning or evening with your family. Some landscaping ideas are obviously needed to create a wonderful landscape in the backyard. If you would like to have your backyard decorated with tree landscaping ideas, this article will give you some […]

Spring Season Tree Care Tips

do you guys have trees that need to be trimmed as much as my beard? Hi i’m Derek from Moon Valley Nurseries Tree Care and I want to go over a few things every homeowner with trees and plants in their yard should know. February is a great month to start cleaning up your plants […]

Tree-Nation planter des arbres | Urban Street Forest

ici nous sommes à la pépinière de la plantation d’être une échelle à 12 km2 douce au niger traîné chaussettes une organisation qui s’occupe des plantes et des arbres ici pour lutter contre la désertification et aider les populations et c’est possible de soutenir ce projet en achetant un arbre sur internet je l’espère ce […]

[Eng sub] Watercolor Tree painting Easy Tutorial 2.0 | for Beginners

Hello, everyone. Shibasaki here. Hope you’re doing well. In this session, I’ll show you how to draw trees. Actually, I previously posted a video on how to draw trees on YouTube. This is the video. I created this when I started posting videos on YouTube. It was actually very well received, and lots of viewers […]

I am the Greenhouse Guru | INDIE ALASKA

Well, Strawberry Fields was one of Lennon’s songs. It just had a nice ring to it. We grow strawberries, we’re out in the field. My wife and I were never hippies. In fact, having been a soldier in Vietnam, I was kind of an anti-hippy kind of a guy. But, I liked the Beatles songs. […]

[ Eng sub ] Watercolor Tree Painting easy tutorial #1

First, let’s draw the silhouette of the tree. In this example, we will be drawing a broadleaf tree, like the Zelkova. The sun light hits the tree directly at the top. Starts to become weaker in the middle. And the bottom is where the sunlight hits least, where the shaded area of the tree will […]