Storytime: Bishes in the Forest

– Once upon a time, sometime, last September, I spent two weeks with the Ford Foundation, learning about indigenous people, land rights, and climate change. Wow, that sounds so intellectual and important. So this right here, this little black girl, along with another black girl, Hallease, ended up on the Yurok Reservation in northern California, […]

5 Ways to Save a Forest

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Forced Out of the Forest: The Lost Tribe of Uganda

Brenda Barrett at Aqaba Yahoo bhaji welcome governmental cocka cocka cocka reading so neon Hunico Zombo raha hai these are bats were people they are one of the pygmy tribes indigenous to the rainforests of Central Africa traditionally hunter-gatherers the homeland is Southwest Uganda however these back to a tribesman aren’t stalking prey and building […]

From Our Ancestors – Corporate Eucalyptus Plantations Create Conflict in Indonesia – Indonesia

From Our Ancestors Pandumaan & Sipituhuta North Sumatra In a rapidly dwindling community forest, the indigenous peoples of Pandumaan-Sipituhuta are fighting to stop the growth of pulp plantations owned by PT Toba Pulp Lestari. We’ll continue to struggle until the bitter end and must strive to fight for our land. Five years ago, Toba Pulp […]