Cat Stuck In A Tree Cries For Days To Bring Him Water To Survive | Animal in Crisis EP93

People’s eyes are fixed at.. A cat on top of the tree? Upon hearing a girl calling his name Bangwool the cat answers 4 days ago When the door was opened Bangwool went outside A family who was looking for him found him on top of a 10-meter high tree Managed to grab the twig […]

Rescuing Cats From Super Tall Trees

(cat meowing) – [Shaun] A lot of people see a cat up in a tree, they’re just like, “Oh, yeah, that thing’ll get down here in a couple days.” – [Tom] Hi sweetie, how long you been in this tree? But what they don’t realize is that sometimes they don’t. I’m Shaun Sears. – And […]

The Tree (True Story!) – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #76

Simon’s Cat in ‘The Tree’ Meow (2 times) mew (Simon carefully climbing the ladder to the tree) purred (Simon frightens of heights) (clawing the tree) (missed) (Simon’s scared) Simon – heeeyyy (cat – nope) (Simon climb to the next branch as the cat jump to the opposite branch) (Simon and the cat confused) (Simon hurt […]

Enviroblind Rolling Security Shutters Installation

Do you need increased security, privacy or comfort in your home? Established in 1977, Enviroblind is the oldest and largest full-serviced rolling shutters supplier on the west coast. We have built a reputation for our quality products and professional, friendly service. After the initial consultation, we will arrange for one of our experienced representatives to […]