Short Stories for Kids – Living and Non Living things

Hurry up Tiger! Appu must be waiting for us. He said he’ll help me with my school project. Oh yeah… the one on living and non-living things. That…that rock hit me on the foot and made me fall! Oh poor you! You must’ve stumbled on it accidently! The rock came in my way! Someone should […]

Short Stories for Kids – Appu Restores the Forest

Mama!… Mama! Appu! Appu wake up! You are having a nightmare! It was a bad dream! There were tree eating monsters…and a tree fell on. It’s okay now Appu! See? No tree eating monsters. Come on…get up. I have something to show you! My school project! You’re collecting mud? No! You are learning about plant […]

We Found An Abandoned Bunker Fort In The Forest / That YouTub3 Family

– [Katie] Guys, this is gettin’ creepy. What is going on? What is that? Hi guys, welcome back to, – [All] That YouTub3 Family! – And, today, we are going to go up into the mountains to some abandoned bunkers I think is what we found. Dad and I found some bunkers, were you with […]