A Working Day – Farmer, Yorkshire

I’m Neil Hazeltine, I live and work at Hill Top Farm in Malham. I was born and bred at Malham, I’ve always lived on the farm. The family has been here for over a hundred years. Everyday there’s something to do. There’s never a day when there’s not to do so it’s a very incessant […]

Quit Your Job and Farm – PART 1 – 10 Small Farm Ideas, from Organic Farming to Chickens & Goats.

Hi I’m Dr. Tarrin P. Lupo and I’m a gardener, well sort of… I live in Savannah Georgia and currently we are getting close to October. You can even hear the Cicadas if you listen, we are in Cicada season. I have had my successes. Just look at this Thai Basil plant that I cloned. […]

Agricultural Field In Russia

Agricultural Workers Career Video

Agricultural workers need physical strength and stamina to keep up with their tasks, but they also need technical skills and strong teamwork. These workers maintain crops and tend to livestock, under the supervision of farmers and ranchers. Although some agricultural workers do all types of work around a farm, many focus on a few tasks. […]

Agricultural Inspector Career Video

Agricultural inspectors ensure that farming, logging, and fishing operations comply with laws and quality standards. They enforce the government regulations that keep consumers safe and healthy, and train workers so they can better follow regulations. Agricultural inspectors monitor many different processes. For example, in meat production, inspectors may review a cattle farm’s waste disposal procedures, […]

Practical Tips for Boise National Forest Job Applicants

(Music) If you are interested in either a seasonal or permanent job. Here is how to get started. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as far as getting ready to apply to a job is just simply filtering through all of the available information to find exactly what you want to apply yourself for. […]

Science careers – A day in the work life of an agricultural/horticultural scientist

My name is Lisa Jamieson and I’m an applied entomologist at Plant & Food Research. We’re trying to control pests on fruit that we export overseas and to reduce the number of pests on fruit after they’ve been harvested. I was actually at university studying marine biology, thinking I would get a job counting dolphins […]

Delete a node from Binary Search Tree

In this lesson, we’re going to write code to delete a node from binary search tree. In most data structures deletion is tricky. In case of binary search trees too, it’s not so straightforward. So let’s first see what all complications we may have while trying to delete a node from binary search tree. I […]

Agricultural and Food Science Technician Career Video

Advances in food and agriculture science are designed to bring healthier conditions and better production value for crops and farm animals and result in new—or better food on our tables. Agricultural and food science technicians help scientists in these fields to conduct research, run lab tests, and keep records. Their specific duties differ: Agricultural technicians […]

Nursery and Greenhouse Manager Career Video

Nursery and greenhouse managers oversee growing environments for plants used in landscaping and gardening. They manage the production of everything from trees and shrubs to flowers, vegetables, and the turf used to patch lawns. These managers have an unusual combination of activity, as their work includes working outside and with their hands, managing people, and […]