Jaggery Gur Making Process in Village || Gud kaise banta hai || Jaggery benefits ,Gur ke fayde

In this video we see how to make jaggery or Gur or Gud In English language , “gud (गुड़)” is known as “Jaggery” Jaggery is a traditional Indian sweetener prepared using sugarcane Brazil was the largest producer of sugar cane in the world. Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of sugarcane in India please subscribe […]

Traditional Jaggery Making | MAKING OF GURR | VILLAGE FOOD FACTORY

Fresh sugar cane are cut from fields …… sugar cane which we had cut is kept at one place …… sugar cane is tied into bunches …convinient for lifting sugarcane is put into crusher for extracting juice SUGAR CANE JUICE ….. BAGASSE or sugarcane waste 4 people are carrying a bigiron vessel… used for making […]