In the orchard today, Ep 23; Shells

This is the shell that we produce every day, well.. . almost every day during the week. A lot of people use this for Landscaping mulch and it’s really good as a driveway ground cover for dust control and stuff like that. You can see we’ve got it all around us here. We have a […]

Frank dricker Breckland Orchard Pear & Elderflower

Pear and elderflower. It’s got a fresh pear taste. And the elderflower taste is very… persistant as well. Yeah, it’s definitely drinkable I’d say. And it’s very suitable for this nice autumn environment as well. When the pears are ripe and fine. Almost everything that’s got to do with pears and apples and such taste […]

Subsistence Lifestyle (Never Alone Insight Collection)

[Subsistence Lifestyle] In Arctic Alaska, hunting is a really important part of life. It’s not just about going and shooting something, it’s about going and putting food on the table. But more importantly, you know, subsistence hunting isn’t just about the insular family unit. It’s about feeding the whole community, and I think that’s one […]

No Bowl, No Spoon Slime Challenge!!!

Hey guys, it’s Karina! It’s Ronald, and we’re from Sis versus Bro! And today we are doing, no bowl, no spoon, slime challenge! So basically, we’re gonna be making a slime as per usual, but we cannot use a bowl or a spoon, so we’re going to just be mixing with our bare hands. And […]

The Orchard Experience | “Orchard Gang” | Class Of 2018

Glad you could make it! I hope you all enjoy! Hey look it’s me! Spotify! Twitter! YouTube! Discord! ? Now we’re talking Go Bruins! It’s always a good time Whoah oh oh oh, It’s always a good time Do do do do do do do Thank you to @za_duke238 in capturing this moment. Prince Senay […]

Right In Our Backyard – Canadian Western Agribition

Hey its Ryan Bender with Remax Crown Real Estate and one of the things I love about Regina and what we’ve got going on this week right in our own backyard is the agribition. so come along with me and we’ll check it out but first it appears I need to get a little bit […]

Cheese Therapy December 2017 Club Pack

– Here it is, our last pack for the year and we are going out with a bang. – Exactly, who doesn’t want to go out with a bang? – Exactly and we’ve got this little red hot number down the front, we’ll leave it for last I think. – Well, definitely because that is […]

Orchard Park – Hutchinson, KS – Visit a Playground – Landscape Structures

[♪ ♫ ♪] I think it’s great, I think it’s beautiful it’s a unique playground to the community. I love the fairy tale theme. It’s very popular the kids love it. When I was out here there were other handicap children using the playground so, it’s really great to see that it’s being used for […]

Hacienda Vista Resort | Vlog

Here we go guys! wOHOOOOOOOOoooOo (Swalla by Jason Derulo) (intro) What is Upppp!!! Uppppppppp AAaaapppp Yeah Mother! What is up! Where are we going? Hacienda Vista! Where is that? Calasiao? (a province of Pangasinan) No! It’s in Sta. Barbara (also a province of Pangasinan Okay, so guys Welcome to my channel ExaltedTV And yeah! Let’s […]