[4K] Mountain rat, yam and dark, survival in the forest, episode 14

Squirrels usually move through the vines An old banana tree will give us a lot of water in a long time Small rain A yam vine If lucky, we will can have a delicious breakfast Their tubers are usually deep inside the ground but this time is different They’re really buttery So delicious It has […]

71. Marple Aqueduct to New Mills. Narrowboat Adventures on the Peak Forest Canal.

Hello…. Welcome back. We’re not on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal anymore. We go to the end which is where we left you last time and a few hundred yards down we got to Portland Basin and there’s a junction, we could have either gone straight on to Manchester or up the Rochdale Canal But we […]

Jungle and Forest Animals Toys For Kids – Learn Animal Names

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hey Guys! Racetoytime here! Today I’m going to show you some toy jungle and forest animals Okay, let’s get started. Here is the jaguar Here’s a tigress holding it’s cub Here is a black panther Here is a moose Here is a wolf Here’s a babirusa Here is a coyote Here’s a […]

Huge WW2 ROCKET discovered in the Ardennes Forest!

Right guys, we found a very big object here. This is going to be interesting. (dramatic music) (electronic music) We’re back again in the Ardennes. This is a very iconic environment. A lot of stuff happened in the Second World War. And yeah, let’s hope we’re going to find some of that history. I’m just […]

Pigs in Chains: Ep4 – Morrisons, Factory Farming is NOT ‘The Best’!

The vast majority of Morrison’s own brand fresh pork is sourced from factory farms many endorsed by the red tractor label we’re growing pigs are overcrowded and stressed and mother pigs can be kept in narrow steel cages for weeks on end. Farms not Factories went to the Morrisons shareholder meeting to ask the company […]

#2 vlog : Short Vlog (Farm House) in Bandung

hello guys… this (today) is the 2nd day in Bandung…. now.. I want to breakfast our plans later will go to Farm House Bandung after that lunch and.. we go back home instead you want to find clothes? dad this is so cute if it’s time to shopping, she is expert I mean slower not […]

“Ghosts Of The Forest”: The Elusive Great Grey Owl

[ birds chirping and geese honking ] – The alarm went off at 4:00 a.m. this morning. You’ve got to get up early to find a great grey. And I’ve never not wanted to get up to find a great grey. I love hearing those woodpeckers hammering and the doves calling. It’s just the sound […]

Pampanga State Agricultural University (PSAU) – Promotional Video 2019

Pampanga State Agricultural University PSAU is situated at the foothills of the western slope of the majestic Mount Arayat which occupies approximately 500 hectares of the government agricultural lands in town of Magalang, province of Pampanga the institution was first established as an Agricultural Experiment Station known as Estacion Pecuaria in 1885 and was renamed […]

Scania Winter 2020

We are at the winter drive, in Trysil, Norway! A great set of unique trucks are here today How often do you get the chance to drive a tow truck as a journalist?! A R580 8×4 but then as a tow truck! We actually have two V8 engines, because behind me there is another one.. […]

Farming the Future: Harvesting Data on Blockchain

here we are in Salinas, California known as the salad bowl of the world about 60% of the nation’s lettuce comes from Salinas – when you’re driving around the Salinas Valley you’re seeing iceberg, romaine, to broccoli to cauliflower to celery it’s looking about millions to trillions of heads it’s a great landscape and to […]