Growing agriculture with big data: Philip Evans, Boston Consulting Group

Growing agriculture with big data: Mick Keogh, Australian Farm Institute

Biosecurity: Sarah Corcoran, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries QLD

A global food crisis may be less than a decade away | Sara Menker

Since 2009, the world has been stuck on a single narrative around a coming global food crisis and what we need to do to avoid it. How do we feed nine billion people by 2050? Every conference, podcast and dialogue around global food security starts with this question and goes on to answer it by […]

Aurora Sky Greenhouse April 2018 update! Is aurora stock a buy?

Hello welcome to my video today We’re going to talk about gear or a sky facility before I show the updated recording footage I would like to give an update on the channel I plan to take a break from YouTube sit down and study a YouTube mastery course I bought for $600 USD I […]

Biosecurity: Lyn O’Connell, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Thanks very much, Daryl. And the key question in Australia’s biosecurity system, “Are we ready for the future?” And to start with answering that question, clearly managing our biosecurity risks not only helps to keep out exotic pests and diseases, but it also reduces the impact should they enter Australia. And ensuring that goods being […]

Greening Deserts Sustainable Greenhouse Farming and Forestation

Greening Deserts is a cultural, educational, economic, scientific, social and sustainable project for greening, irrigation and forestation of dry areas or regions. Benefits of clean technologies like irrigation with natural water sources like seas and oceans and renewable energy supply with solar and water energy. The water will be pumped into over- and underground reservoirs […]

Orchard Bank Online Payment — An E-Banking Facility To Make Your Life Easier – Professor Savings

Hi! Blair with Professor Savings here,on Orchard Bank Online Payment. 2) With internet banking it is possible to transfer funds, invest in shares and shop online. 3) Internet banking requires the customer to take security precautions because they are dealing with their hard earned money which needs to be safe guarded. Read more tips on […]