SixBlindKids – Blind Autistic Jesse – Her New Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

Window Treatments for Bay Windows | Interior Design

So a bay window is an interesting anomaly, because it’s not really a full window in the normal context. So a lot more things go into thinking about it. You can address the inside of the bay window or just the outside or both. Some people just address it as a regular window and just […]

Studio Apartment Room Divider – IKEA HACK!

How’s it going guys I’m Mark the Designer from Manchester design studio. I recently started my very own studio apartment design project and as part of that we built this room divider that you can see behind us here The best thing about this, is all we did we used IKEA pack sliding wardrobe doors […]

Video #27: Custom Window Treatments – Exquisite Curtains & Ideas in Long Beach

So we are back in Long Beach today. At Mrs. Alloua home and we were here last week to show her some curtain fabrics and we also showed her some window treatment ideas and color options. Yes, last time we spoke to Mrs. Alloua she said she was going to paint the downstairs warmer colors […]

How to measure the height for your DIY café style shutters

Measure height for café style shutters For the height, measure to where you would like your shutters to stop. This can be any point on the window you desire. Either here, in the glass area or to a natural break point on the window such as this.

What is a z frame shutter mount?

A Z frame is used for inside mount installations and sits like this. This front lip wraps around the recess like this and is a great frame to cover up uneven walls and give a neat installation. If you have a window sill that protrudes, like this, we can make the bottom frame with no […]

How to measure the divide point for your tier on tier window shutters

Help Me Understand Measuring tier on tier divide point When ordering tier on tier shutters, we need to know the position you would like your panels to divide. To get this dimension, measure from the bottom UP to the point of where you’d like the panels to be split. Remember, you don’t need to worry […]

How to caulk in your new window shutter frames like a professional

To finish off your installation like a professional, run a thin line of caulk between the frame and your wall like this. Run the caulk like this and wipe smooth with a damp cloth.

Window Shutter Glossary – Tier and Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters cover your entire window. The upper panels can be opened independently of the bottom giving privacy on the bottom and maximum light at the top.