DIY SPRING PLACE-CARDS | Easy and Inexpensive | Farmhouse Table Do-it-Yourself

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to share with you this super cute and easy DIY to make these adorable spring up place card holders for your spring tablescape and stay tuned for my next video because I will show you how I use these really cute place […]

Classical Architecture, Warm and Lightly Santa Ynez Farmhouse

Classical Architecture, Warm and Lightly Santa Ynez Farmhouse

Exposed Beams on ‘I Hate My Kitchen’ | Industrial Farmhouse

What is it about an ugly kitchen that gets people so upset? From the bland minimalist features to the bad layout, this kitchen’s gotta go. First up, a new design. Sweet tools to make the job go faster. And plenty of cool new products. Chris and Kristen are in the middle of fixing up their […]

Pure, Beautiful And Warm Holly Rigde Farmhouse

Pure, Beautiful And Warm Holly Rigde Farmhouse

House Tours: Summer’s Indoor Greenhouse in Brooklyn | Apartment Therapy

– The biggest indulgence in my apartment, the plants. (laughs) I’m not lying. (upbeat music) It’s ’cause it’s like around 500 plants now. My name is Summer Rayne Oakes and my apartment is located in Brooklyn, New York. I mean, I grew up in the country and I miss putting my hands in the soil […]

Urban Farming: Greenhouses Let You Grow Food All Year

[Music] With DIY gardening at an all-time high, the adaptability of a greenhouse never looks so good. Just ask young parents Eddie and Lydia who want to feed their four growing kids organic produce, without paying the higher prices. Like most families we care about teaching them to eat healthy, and sometimes that can be […]

Beautiful Beachy Family Room (PART 1) | Breaking Beige | Before and After | DIY Home Decor | Mr Kate

in a beige beige world Mr Kate is on a mission to break it alright so we are in the truck on our way to the Scribners here we come hillary and historical house which is very unusual here in LA I’m really excited though he’s got some great architecture they’re really cute even coach […]

FARMHOUSE PLANT HANGERS | Quick, Easy and Cheap DIY | Macrame Inspired

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m going to be sharing with you how I make farmhouse macrame style plant hangers I will say that these are not true macrame, and I make them out of jute twine as opposed to rope but they’re very simple, much more simple than […]

HOW TO FIND YOUR HOME DECOR STYLE 🏡 (step-by-step + mini interior decor tour)

The way we decorate our homes can say a lot about our personalities, it’s somewhat like a creative expression of who we are. In this video I’m going to show you how you can figure out your personal home decor style, something that’s unique and personal to you, and I’m going to walk you through […]

Living Room Lighting Ideas and Tips with KariAnne Wood – Lamps Plus

The right light lifts the mood of any living room. See how easy it is to brighten your space at Lamps Plus. For starters, you need more than one light source in your living room. You should have a mix of lighting including overhead, accent, and task lighting. Think layers of lighting that you can […]