Science careers – A day in the work life of an agricultural/horticultural scientist

My name is Lisa Jamieson and I’m an applied entomologist at Plant & Food Research. We’re trying to control pests on fruit that we export overseas and to reduce the number of pests on fruit after they’ve been harvested. I was actually at university studying marine biology, thinking I would get a job counting dolphins […]

Protecting Your Tree from the Emerald Ash Borer

The first thing you need to do when considering treating for Emerald Ash Borer is ensure that you indeed have an ash tree. Wisconsin is home to four species of ash trees – green, white, black and blue. Most ash trees in yards or on streets are either green or white ash. You can identify […]

Episode 5 – Catching insects while growing vegetables in a greenhouse

More food with less water – episode 5 Be a GREEN MUSKETEER, reforest the world with us! Elsenhout (The Netherlands) April 2013 This is episode 5 of the series ‘More food, less water, with Groasis’. Groasis did these vegetable trials with the Groasis Waterboxx during 2013 in The Netherlands. The experiment has 2 objectives: Can […]

Ash Tree Identification

Hi my name is Keith Wood. I’m a community forester for the Colorado State Forest Service. We would like everybody to know about a serious threat to our urban forests in Colorado called the emerald ash borer, or EAB for short. EAB was found in Boulder, Colorado in the fall of 2013. Prior to that […]

My Pet Ants Discovered Agriculture

OMG! I can’t believe it! I think the world is pretty familiar that ants are very intelligent and resourceful creatures, but this week, I believe to have filmed for the very first time on this open-concept floating island ant farm, I’ve created for my cute Pheidole ant colony, what has to be the ultimate demonstration […]

University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Tropical Agriculture and the Environment Program

Well this is a really exciting time for us because we’re going through a merger of two separate undergraduate programs and creating a brand new field of study for our undergraduates. So Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences, or TPSS, is coming together with Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences, or PEPS, and creating a new program […]

There’s Something Very Fishy About These Trees … | Deep Look

This flower lives in a lush Alaskan meadow. But it’s survival depends on the deep ocean, hundreds of miles away. What could possibly bind the two together? These guys – chum salmon. As adults, they patrol the Pacific, gorging themselves and growing fat. But after a few years, The streams where they were born call […]

Aquaponics- Aquaponics Greenhouse Bug Battle Part 2

aquaponics talking about buttons outlines young prevents observed engagement three nights last time we were talking about integrated pest management prevention and observation today we’re going to talk about intervention so we’re going to kill the buttons is importance is this i’m going to talk about this in the context of opera pumps because there […]

Wasp Deposits Parasitic Larvae Deep Inside Tree Trunk

The wasp’s antennae scan every millimeter of bark. For a very specific spot. She’s found it. Now megarhyssa manoevres her ovipositor into position. But it’s much too long. First it’s coiled into a special flexible pouch in her abdomen. Now the drill is at right angles to the wood. She can bore straight through the […]