#2 vlog : Short Vlog (Farm House) in Bandung

hello guys… this (today) is the 2nd day in Bandung…. now.. I want to breakfast our plans later will go to Farm House Bandung after that lunch and.. we go back home instead you want to find clothes? dad this is so cute if it’s time to shopping, she is expert I mean slower not […]

How to Help Farmers Without Giving Them Any Money | CROWDE

Hi, my name is Yohanes Sugihtononugroho. I’m CEO and founder from CROWDE. There are three major sources of finance in Agriculture: banks, middleman and loan sharks. Banks never considered these farmers bankable and the second one and the third one are the worst. They are always giving an unreasonable interest rate like 30% a month, […]

The Last Frontier – Illegal Logging in Papua and China’s Massive Timber Theft

Merbau logs are the most common timber found at the port. This luxurious dark hardwood is used in the manufacture of flooring. Most of these logs are contraband stolen from the forests of Indonesia’s Papua province and smuggled into China. With huge cargo ships arriving daily, it is a trade of breathtaking scale and destructiveness. […]

MY SPIRITUAL BALI TRIP | Sacred Monkey Forest | Water Cleansing Ritual | Uluwatu Beach | Ubud 2020

Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome back to my channel. It’s your girl, Anh. I just got back from Bali a few weeks ago and had the best time in my life. Bali has always been on the top of my bucket list of places to travel. My soul feels content after being there. I’m still […]

SOAP CARVING with Hobby knife | Mini Christmas Tree Lamp | DIY | Quick and Easy | Soap Craft |

SOAP CARVING , Tree Lamp How to make a Mini Tree Lamp out of soap. It’s very quick and easy to make! What You Will Need: White Soap (130g bar) , Paring knife, Hobby Knife, Carving tool(small U-gouge) LED Tea light, (Optional) Sequins, Beads, Craft Glue, Toothpick, Carve the Tree White soap is recommended. Slice […]

Forest Brothers – anti-Soviet Guerilla War in the Baltics – THE COLD WAR

By 1951, the middle class in the United States was enjoying booming economic prosperity while Weste Europe was well on the path to recovery. Business was good, people flowed into malls and drive-in theatres, while the New York Yankees won the world series in front of a sell out stadium. For the West, the horrors […]

Forest Fire Families

In 2003, I moved to this area from Jakarta. At that time we rarely saw fire. Then forests were being cleared, peat being drained. So now the forest, which conserves water, has disappeared. In the dry season, the water dries and evaporates easily. Before, when the forest was still intact, the soil could conserve water […]

10 million trees planted with Ecosia

Hello dear Ecosia users we just spent a couple of very exciting days visiting some of the planting sites that are part of our reforestation program in Indonesia And we wanted to say thank you for helping us plant 10 million trees already Thank you!

The Forbidden forests of the Dayak, Borneo, Indonesia

Borneo Setulang Community If the people of Setulang want to have fun, they have a party and dance. Young and old people have fun together. Our tribe’s name is Oma’lung and we are part of the Dayak Keyah tribe. Setulang is a small village with about nine hundred people. My name is Kole Adjang. I […]


I think I think you might have it on backwards honey do you want to maybe turn it around you getting on your moto you gonna drive out of here is it good? No bye -bye now that we’ve left our favourite restaurant we’re going to go get the bike and drive down to Monkey […]