Jump Start your Career in International Agriculture with IARD 6020 – Global Development at Cornell

Classroom knowledge might be not enough to understand the whole concept. What it lacks is real life examples and how it works actually in reality. This trip helped me to see what I was lacking. Agriculture is something really different in the field. We have seen a lot of practical issues farmers are dealing with […]

timber cooling tower maintenance | wooden cooling tower maintenance

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GLOBALG.A.P. Country Partner India: Indian Council of Food and Agriculture

I think that GLOBALG.A.P. is a very powerful program and I am very happy to be the Country Partner of GLOBALG.A.P. As you know, India is a very large country in terms of agricultural production but in terms of quality implement that the content has started working now to access the export market and our […]

World’s Largest Wind Farm | China’s Future MEGAPROJECTS: Part 6

By now you’re seeing the trend here: the world’s biggest city, the world’s longest canal, biggest airport, longest high speed rail network and underwater tunnel. So the fact that China is building the world’s largest Wind Power Farm too shouldn’t surprise you. The Gansu Wind Farm Project will produce 20 Gigawatts of power by 2020, […]

SOAP CARVING with Hobby knife | Mini Christmas Tree Lamp | DIY | Quick and Easy | Soap Craft |

SOAP CARVING , Tree Lamp How to make a Mini Tree Lamp out of soap. It’s very quick and easy to make! What You Will Need: White Soap (130g bar) , Paring knife, Hobby Knife, Carving tool(small U-gouge) LED Tea light, (Optional) Sequins, Beads, Craft Glue, Toothpick, Carve the Tree White soap is recommended. Slice […]

11 Unbelievable Facts About Indian Food – Nutshell School

Eleven unbelievable facts about Indian food India is the land of butter chicken, pani puri, Jalebi, and what not. our love for food exceeds our love for everything else and why shouldn’t it? With 29 states contributing to the Indian cuisine And with the number of dishes we have to our name, We should be […]

Forest Brothers – anti-Soviet Guerilla War in the Baltics – THE COLD WAR

By 1951, the middle class in the United States was enjoying booming economic prosperity while Weste Europe was well on the path to recovery. Business was good, people flowed into malls and drive-in theatres, while the New York Yankees won the world series in front of a sell out stadium. For the West, the horrors […]

Vedant SIME Rain gun Irrigation Agriculture Long Range Skipper Hidra Sprinkler Raingun

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Offence, Yes Please | Maroon 5 ‘Sugar’ Parody | Raghav Sharma, Navaneeth & Mime Team

Was happy, baby Needed to frown Saw memes on Yogi, Modi I’m angry now You know I’m jobless Had no degree Guess I’ll be marching with sticks in the street When I hear jokes on bhagwaans Achievements of Pakistan ‘Victim play’ happens to me, oh baby Cracker-free diwali nights Feminism, equal rights All that shit’s […]

The Battle of Tree – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Friends Motu and Patlu has started a project name “Grow Trees and Save Earth”. Every human being should plant a tree in front of their house by their name. And make Furfuri town look full greenery. Thanks to Motu Patlu, we are proud of you. Oh my god! Help! Leave! Police! Friends this is my […]