✔ Minecraft: How to make a TNT Tree Trap

HOW TO MAKE A HOW TO MAKE A TREE TRAP Hello you! Today I’ll show you another trap! It’s easiest with an observer block It’s most effective on your lumberjack friend. I’ll also show you a version without the observer block. Just imagine this is the bottom of the tree trunk. Just in case you […]

Hey Bill Nye, ‘How Do Greenhouse Gases Trap Photons in Our Atmosphere’? #TuesdaysWithBill

Hello Mr. Nye. Happy Tuesday. My name is Billy. I’m a big fan and I have a question about climate change. If the photons from the sun are trapped in our atmosphere by our greenhouse gases then how come those same greenhouse gases don’t block photons from the sun from ever entering our atmosphere? Is […]

Get 60 lakhs from 1 Acre Sugarcane | SUGARCANE MARKETING | PART 2 | Pestomatic Controls

hello friends I start by welcoming you to this second part of getting more productive while you are farming sugarcane You thought in the first part we learned about how to grow 60k sugarcane in an acre As we assume that there we produce 60k ready sugarcane which can be salable in the sugar factory […]

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Greenhouse

HOW TO MAKE A GREENHOUSE Hello again! Sit back and relax! Today we’ll build a greenhouse! Let’s start with the floor. It’s a simple 13×13 square. I’ll leave the entire building process in the video. You can always skip ahead a bit if you’re in a rush. As always, I’d love if you commented or […]

Beautiful Farmhouse Design Idea | Sample Walkthrough Of Farmhouse

Beautiful Farmhouse Design Idea | Sample Walkthrough Of Farmhouse

✔ Minecraft: How to make Giant Trees

How to make Giant Trees Today I’ll show you how to make a GIANT* tree for your adventure map or fantasy world! Start by making the trunk of the GIANT Tree Make 5-10 blocks tall. (or more if you want) Now add a base where the GIANT tree is a bit thicker and has roots […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro! I’m hanging with my friend Sam today. What’s up? You guys know sam I’m gonna put his link down below. He has an awesome table. Go check it out and today We are gonna be playing a game. What game Ro? The Candy cane challenge I got so many requests from […]


Hey guys, it’s Missy welcome back today, we are going to try our hand at this festive candy cane Danish this looks So good you guys I had a hard time waiting for the kids to get home from school before digging in and it smells amazing out of the oven You know what it […]

Get 60 lakhs from 1 Acre Sugarcane |SUGARCANE MARKETING | PART 1 | Pestomatic Controls

When we think about village business anyone won’t get idea what business should we start ? and there is no surety about started business till date who had started get failed means there is no business in village? In cities wake up early work full time with lots of load and return late with lots […]