Best Hydroponic Fodder System For Sustainable Farming

Hello, I’m mark cowling and welcome to Fodder Group Hydroponically grown barley sprouts are the most nutritious livestock food source on the planet We’d like to take you on a short tour to explain the photo solutions difference And why you might consider a fodder solution system for your farm Fodder solutions is the global […]

High End LEDs vs T5 Fluorescent! Thrive Agritech: Infinity Linear (Review & Lettuce Test)

Hi Youtubers, I’m Al Gracian from Today we’re looking at an independent test… of an LED grow light from the Thrive Agritech line up. Thrive Agritech may be a newer name but it was formerly known as Transcend. Last year we looked at the Transcend T5 replacement bulbs. These LEDs replace the individual bulbs […]

Does Vertical Farming Work?

vertical farming has been called the future of Agriculture claimed to solve many of the problems we talked about in the last video. It’s been a controversial topic with mixed opinions from experts. Are these claims hype or can it deliver? but first we need a better understanding of what a vertical farm is There […]

Summer Aquaponic Greenhouse

Hello Everyone, I’m a bit overdue with an update on the aquaponic setup in the Harbor Freight greenhouse. Cucumbers love the heat. These older leaves have some brown spots from aphids but the rest of the vines have grown up into the cross braces and make a really nice canopy area. This year I’m only […]

Future of Food: Farming in the age of climate change

I’ve kind of accepted my fate, in a way, of being, sort of, the guy that’s alarmed about this before everybody else is. “One slice of New York cheesecake.” Why is it, in so many of the sci-fi movies, “Breakfast of champions.” food of the future comes out of a gadget? “Hydrate level four, please.” […]

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse – Part 11 – Foam, Doors & Floors

We’re nearing the end of the project! There will be one more video after this with some of the finishing touches and then I’ll go on to some other videos about the aquaponic setup. You may also notice that some of these segments may look out of order. I was working on everything at the […]

PELUANG BISNIS MENGISI MASA PENSIUN !!. Tips bangun greenhouse #hidroponik #aquaponik #greenhouse

Hai, salam hidroponik! Jumpa lagi di Youtube channel Jiri Farm. Membangun greenhouse seperti yang kita ketahui bukanlah suatu investasi yang murah. Tapi, untungnya kita dapat menyesuaikan budget sesuai dengan yang kita punya dan juga lahan yang ada. Jadi, kita bisa menyesuaikan misalnya untuk pekarangan rumah dengan ukuran 4×4 pun bisa kita lakukan. Cuman, ada beberapa […]

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse – Part 6 – Concrete Block Walls

Hello Everyone! In this video, I will show the details about building the foundation frost wall. There were over 500 concrete blocks, 1200 bricks, and one and a half tons of ready-mix mortar delivered. Luckily, it was brought in on a truck with a boom so they were able to place everything within the foundation […]