Mini Dispenser Installation For Orchard Bins

First, we will go through the orchard bin installations. Some of the orchard bin bag dispensers will be covered by extra displays. These must be moved and installations made. The first step is to remove all the former material from the pocket for the installation. Next, grab the clear plastic tab, firmly twist and remove. […]

How to Shorten LEVOLOR Trim+Go™ Faux Wood Blinds

– How to shorten LEVOLOR Trim + Go Faux Wood Blinds. Let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll need: Metal tape measure, tape, flathead screwdriver, scissors. Extend your blinds and mark your desired length with a piece of tape. Next, remove all the slats below the marked slat. Cut all horizontal cords below marked slat. Repeat […]

How to Grow Spring Onions from Seed

welcome to how to grow spring onions from seed this video has been sponsored by the first step is to fill a seed tray with compost step 2: press the compost down with the palm of your hand to make it firm then water the compost to make it moist if you watch after […]

How to Replace a Blind Tilt Mechanism | DIY

Do you need to replace the tilt mechanism on your old wood or faux wood blinds? The tilt mechanism controls the angle of the slats on your blinds. In this short video, you will learn how to replace it. Begin by removing your blind from the window and placing it on a smooth, flat surface. […]

How To Propagate Rubber Tree Plant From Cuttings, Tested Guide

cuttings following the simple instructions given on this video. You will grow a rubber tree from cuttings.

How To Planting, Growing And Harvesting Asparagus With Easy Method – Gardening Tips

Asparagus is one of the first vegetables ready to harvest in the spring and also one of the few perennial vegetables grown in the garden. which means that once it gets established asparagus will return year after year Early spring is the time to plant asparagus, so what are you waiting for? Before you do […]

Official Clip ft. Jason Spencer | Ep.2 | Who Is America? | SHOWTIME

Erev tov. My name, Captain Erran Morad. Today, we learn defense from radical Islam terror. Picture the scene. You are chained to a radiator, naked with a bag over your head. All of a sudden, terrorists break in and kidnap you, completely ruining your birthday party. Yalla. What we waiting for? Let’s go. My name […]

How to measure the height for your DIY café style shutters

Measure height for café style shutters For the height, measure to where you would like your shutters to stop. This can be any point on the window you desire. Either here, in the glass area or to a natural break point on the window such as this.

How To Install Venetian Blinds – DIY At Bunnings

We´re here to install a venetian blind. The tools required to install a venetian blind are the kit and the blind itself, a drill driver, screwdriver, safety wear, measuring equipment, and the spirit level. What we do is we have operating instructions from the manufacturer’s, follow them through, it´s quite simple. The first thing to […]

The EasyClean Duster

The EasyClean Duster is a great tool for cleaning horizontal blinds such as wood, faux wood, venetian blinds and shutters. The 3 rotating fingers made of highly durable microfiber swallow dust and rotate 360 degrees for maximum cleaning. These dusting fingers can be removed and washed and then re-used. With the handy easy clean adapter, […]