Fast Gold Farming Guide – Heroes of the Storm

hey folks this is Rhykker bringing you a Heroes of the storm guide on how to gain gold as efficiently as possible and how much gold you can reasonably expect to get on a daily basis which is really important to you if you’re trying to buy certain heroes or unlock hero lead which requires […]

Deck Joists & Span Tables Using Hyne Timber Design 7.5

So I’m gonna build a deck off the side of this house, it’s gonna be Five metres wide and six metres long and it going to be s pretty simple design. It’s just going to be a row of Piers or two rows of piers went near the house one at the end of the […]

Standard Timber Lengths

G’day welcome back to Buildsum and in this video I want to talk about timber lengths that are available from your local timber supplier so timber comes in increments of 0.3 or 300 millimetres So that dates back to the old fleet in inches measurement system where a foot is approximately 300mm So if you […]

How to make a Celtic Chair out of FREE 2×4 timber

Hi Everyone! It’s Bongo here from thePoultryPeople channel…. and in todays video we are making a Celtic Chair, not a Viking chair but a Celtic chair. Ive decided to call them Celtic chairs from now on because theres been a bit of thing about them not being Viking chairs. Theres no evidence of them being […]

D.I.Y. Timber Feature Wall – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

You’ve got some boring old walls at home, or a dreary look like this, I’m gonna show you how to transform it with a timber look feature wall. So, let’s take it from this to this, a new timber look feature wall, which gives it warmth, depth and texture. There’s no paint brushes, no drop […]

Are EFFICIENT FARMS always Best in Minecraft!?

Now as you guys probably already know I absolutely love designing and building farms in Minecraft It’s probably one of my favorite things to do and as you can tell from my base on the hermit craft server I tend to build them pretty big. I mean if we take a look around here You […]

Timber Quality at the Mill | Indiana DNR

Now that we’ve looked at the quality of logs in the woods, let’s see how that quality translates into quality in the logs at the saw mill. With me today is Dennis Voyles, the manager here at the mill, and Dennis, tell us a little about these logs you’ve got here. What I’d like to […]

The LONGEST Timber Rattlesnake I Ever Handled!!

well we’re on the snake hunt our friend Seth over here and we are in some new country well we’re in the middle of nowhere and just look at all these rocks just trying to find some new locations trying to find some places that nobody else has hunted it’s been really hard to find […]

Section through a Cut in Floor, Timber framed Building Part 1

So G’day and welcome back to Buildsum and as you can see I might set up to do another section through video and this time It’s going to be a section through a cut in or timber-frame building with the cut in floor So it’s a little bit similar to our Brick veneer building with […]

Ein Hotel für Streunerkatzen zum Nachbauen! I Nerdy Timber & Vier Pfoten