Color-Happy Country Living in Fort Worth Texas

(guitar music) – I love the crispness of white with the blue, and then taking it to the next level with the greens, and the hot pink, and the turquoise, and the yellow. It just snowballed on me and I was just before I knew I was like bah! This house has so much color! […]

1960s Teardown Now a Bright and Airy Modern Farmhouse

(gentle music) – Our children had actually moved to Costa Mesa, our two boys, and we decided that we wanted to be closer to them. – I had lived in HOA communities, and I wanted somewhere where I would feel more freedom to do what I wanted to do with my home. The neighborhood was […]

A New England Farmhouse Explodes With Color

Okay, feed the chickens! Chickens! (slow guitar) So I live in this house with my husband, Mark, my daughter, Julia. Right now we have about 500 sheep, two Border Collies, a Great Pyrenees, and also about 25 chickens. I live in the town of Leyden, which has got about six to 700 people. This is […]

See a Modern Family Farmhouse That Can Pick Up and Move

(bright acoustical music) – [Lewis Butler, Son] My mother grew up on a farm in Southern California and I used to work on that farm every summer for years. And as a family, we’d go down there and spend quite a bit of time down there. Ironically, Mom growing up on a farm made her […]

Man Restores Pilgrim Home from 1665 to its Original Glory

– [Doug] The restoration of these buildings has always been a passion for me. To take some of the legacy that we all have of these early homes and to make them so that future generations have a chance to come in and maybe see how these early settlers lived. The house here, the Pilgrim […]