Starting Winter Prep at the High Tunnel Greenhouse

Hi I’m Mike, I know its gonna sound crazy, but it is only 33 degrees out here And that means its time to start getting ready for winter on the Project List on Our Wyoming Life Hi and welcome back to our Wyoming life. Where we explore the ranch and life and escape the ordinary, […]

The Importance of Agriculture and How Much a Farmer Really Makes

Hi I’m Mike. Farmers and ranchers are in a business that influences, even if you don’t realize it, everyone. In some shape or form. But at the same time there is a disconnect growing larger and larger by the day between rural and urban communities and businesses, leaving many farmers wondering if its even worth […]

Scrapbooking Mini-Album with Prima Marketing Spring Farmhouse Collection | Memory Hardware

hi everyone its Keren here and welcome back to my channel today I have a different type of video I actually created a mini album using the new Prima marketing spring farmhouse collection designed by Frank Garcia it’s a beautiful beautiful collection it kind of reminds you of a farm style life and as soon […]

Urbex – Abandoned farmhouse Est. 1928

Hi to all! I ve discovered a very beautiful… …location! i dont know if you can see it… It’s behind me. Let’s go to take a look! Do you eat that? So nice! What’s your name? So nice!!! You are very nice! Very nice! It’s a female. Look how beautiful is this nest! Look this […]

Cattle Rancher Has a Change of Heart | The Farmhouse Garden

farmhouse garden i moved here with my family when I was eighteen nineteen fifty-six and had a different life for 20 years after we went University of workers silviculture working for forest industry and needed a new challenges back to my family farm and water from my dad yeah yeah about 18 plus acres of […]

Horse The Dominican Republic – Horse Back Riding – La Hacienda Tour – Dominican Republic

А horse is the multy-sided animal. unusual. Everyone can find in it something The activities with them can be different It may be simple conversation or the achievement in sports. So I think it is a good hobby and fancy thing.

BHTV: Opportunities Abound for Equestrian Living in WNC

(soft music) – Thank you for joining us for this episode of Beverly Hanks TV, helping you to live the life you choose in western North Carolina. (upbeat music) Real estate is about so much more than four walls and a roof. It’s about how a community really lives. One of the ways to enjoy […]

Horseback Riding at La Hacienda in San Juan, Puerto Rico | Carnival Cruise Line

The Carnival logo: A red, white, and blue Y-shaped ship horn.Horseback Riding at La Hacienda; San Juan, Puerto Rico.In a stable, a sign on a horse’s stall reads, “Taina.”A woman pets the saddled, rust-colored horse.An instructor addresses a group, then leads a trail ride.Guests in riding helmets ride Paso Fino horsesthrough the Puerto Rican countryside.They […]