Storm Rips Fruit Tree From Food Forest | And what we did next (2020)

Hello, it’s another windy day here at Byther Farm, but I want to show you what happened in last month’s storms. This is our old plum tree, the first storm, Ciara, sent it toppling a bit and then when storm Dennis came through which was absolutely fierce and we had a mini tornado – and […]

Greenhouse update august 2017 — WE LEFT IT FOR 2 WEEKS!

This is the greenhouse update for August 2017, we left it for two weeks while traveling! Was it a total failure or a success? Stay tuned to find out. The first year that we have a greenhouse we leave it almost unattended for two weeks just seems like a really bad idea but we did […]

Homestead Garden Tour – Food Forest and Market Garden (Easter 2019)

Hello I’m Liz Zorab and this is Byther Farm. Today I thought we’d do a garden tour. But first of all I need to let the birds out for the day. Well hello, good morning sweeties, hello darlings, yes hello, good morning. Yes it’s lovely to see you all. Oh good morning. No, you want […]


(mellow music) – Hi, I’m Catherine and this is Tanner and we are 1915 Farm and we’re gonna do some morning chores. (upbeat music) First stop is the chickens. We’re gonna get them all fed and we’re gonna move their tractor forward so they get fresh pasture. (upbeat music) So, at 1915 Farm we raise […]

Japanese Timber Frame Blacksmith Shop gets Yakisugi (焼杉) Board and Batten Siding

Shortleaf pine, air dried one year Wedging the Nuki beams tightly. These provide the buildings lateral bracing and give a place to attach walls. Reading the knots is an easy way to see where the top of the tree was. Note the diagonal knots, all pointing up from the tree’s heart. In this method we […]

Dropping Timber – “X” Marks The Spot

Welcome to Swamp Shangrila here in the heart of the South Carolina lowcountry. As you can see, we’re going to be cutting up some timber this weekend. That’s what we’ll be doing all weekend. Sitting on a downed log here. I have it marked up in twelve foot odd sections and we’ll be cutting it […]

Milling Timbers for our Front Porch Part 1

got a few trees that we dropped last year sitting up there and cut them up and use them for the front entryway so let’s get started so this tree when I fell it had been dead for quite a while you can see there’s kind of this punky rind that surrounds the outer edge […]

SWAMP BITES – What Do You Need to Start Cutting Timber?

Welcome to Swamp Bites episode two here at Swamp Shangrila – Rural Living in the heart of the South Carolina lowcountry. We are going to discuss set-up for chainsaw cutting. That is our subject matter for this episode. What do you need to start cutting timber in your backyard, your hunting lease, wherever. First thing […]