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Haying – Mowing It Down on the Ranch & Farming

Hi, I’m Mike. We have now started up haying on the ranch, producing the bales that will feed our herd for the long, sometimes hard winter. Today we get a look at the first part of the haying process as we get to farming, and cutting grass on our Wyoming life Welcome to our Wyoming […]

Hidden Falls Meadow of Pisgah National Forest, 126 Acres For Sale

This 126-acre mountain farm tract is nestled in the National Forests of Western North Carolina, just 30 minutes from the town of Brevard. Located in the Balsam Grove area, the unrestricted land was once an Appalachian homestead along Bracken Creek and the old family home still stands near the fishing pond. Nearly half a mile […]

Family Builds Beautiful TINY HOUSE Homestead on Their Farm

This week’s video is brought to you by Humless solar power on the go. Hey guys, are you ready for another tiny house video tour? Well, today I’m going to show you the inside of the stunning tiny house, which is parked on a homestead run by a family with two young children. The inside […]

Good Drugs Farm

Milling Timbers for our Front Porch Part 1

got a few trees that we dropped last year sitting up there and cut them up and use them for the front entryway so let’s get started so this tree when I fell it had been dead for quite a while you can see there’s kind of this punky rind that surrounds the outer edge […]

Chainsaw Milling Timber

My weather app said it “feels like 6ºF” I was in a coat, pants, Carhart overalls and my sleeping bag and around 2:30 I had to go sleep in the car. A lot of good it’s doing me tonight, eh? It snowed the day before, but not very deep and very powdery. I learned how […]

Planting Cover Crop Over Our Septic Leach Field | TIME LAPSE

Hi, I’m Brittany and I’m Chris and we are in me homestead welcome back to our channel. What are we doing today, babe? It’s a good question today. We are going to be planting something over our septic field I’ve been a long time coming. Yes yes from all the research that we’ve done in […]