Make country chic home decor with the GO! Western Medley Die!

Howdy quilters! It’s Pam Heller from AccuQuilt. When I travel, I often hear the request for AccuQuilt to release either a Western or a cowboy-themed die. Well, quilters, we’ve listened. And here it is. Let me introduce you to the new GO! Western Medley die. This limited-edition die comes in special packaging along with that […]

4 DIY Dollar Tree Spring Farmhouse Decor Ideas – New – 2020 – Simple Cheap & Easy Home Decor

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At the Jeffan Showroom I’m with Liz Marie Galvan she’s with Liz Murray blog and she’s never been to a market before this was a great experience for her to come to the Atlanta market and see all the things that behind-the-scenes is done for the type of store she has and for lots of […]

Beautiful Timber And Glass House With The Theme Of Coastal Modernity

Beautiful Timber And Glass House With The Theme Of Coastal Modernity

Top 3 Bedroom Makeover Ideas: Home Décor Trends | JCPenney

Hey everyone! I’m going to give you a guide for how to achieve 3 top trending decor styles: The Minimalist, The Casual Modern & The Farmhouse. And, make sure you subscribe to the JCPenney Channel for all kinds of other makeover tips. First up, the farmhouse. There are a few statement pieces that no farmhouse […]

New Industrial Reclaimed Timber Pallet Coffee Table with Storage on wheels – For Sale

For sale is my handmade coffee table Made with 100% reclaimed timber from pallets Coffee table has four wheels two lockable wheels in the back Size is: 38 cm high x 79.5 cm wide x 120 cm long Coffee table is very easy to move around the house Once in place just lock the back […]

Vinyl Flooring & Engineered Timber with Wood Culture

Hi! I’m Kewei. Singer, songwriter and a first-time homeowner. And I’m on the mission to build my ultimate dream home with a little help from the folks here at Hafary. So stay tuned as I journey into the wonderful world of tiles! We are talking wood culture this week! Hafary is one of Singapore’s experts […]

EXTREME Master Bedroom MAKEOVER Part 2: Glam Farmhouse Decor

coming up on this episode of designed to the nines if you want to see how I took my master bedroom from boring vanilla to farmhouse chic and did it on a budget then stay tuned welcome to designed to the nines I’m NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting welcome […]

How To Make A Timber & Concrete Bench

– [Emily] I’m Emily and I’ll be showing you how to make a Besser block bench using Besser blocks and a fence panel. For this project, you’ll need Besser blocks, a caulking gun and Liquid Nails, a level, a pencil, a tape measure, some gloves, and this great panel fencing that we’re going to use […]

[New] The 125* Best Home Decor Ideas (in 2020)

Home Decor Idea #1. Wall Art Home Decor Idea #2. Living Room Ideas #3. Wall Decor #4. Bedroom Ideas Home Decor Idea #5. Throw Pillows #6. Vase #7. Room Decor #8. Wall Mirror #9. Farmhouse Decor Home Decor Idea #10. Bathroom Decor #11. Bedroom Design #12. Wall Decals #13. Metal Wall Art #14. Room Design […]