Kemosabe’s Tree Fort

[Jessi offscreen:] What’s in your basket? Jessi: Keep going. Keep going. [Kemosabe vocalizing] Jessi: Come get it. [Chewing and lip-smacking] Jessi: Beep! There you are. What do you think? [Kemosabe vocalizing throughout] You have whiskers. That’s a finger. Good boy, buddy. I know. It’s okay. What’s in there? Good work, buddy. Here. You see how […]

Brief History of the Royal Family

1066! The start of the royal family on these fair isles. Well, there were kings and mini countries before that and druids before that, and Pangaea before that, but we have to start somewhere and a millennia ago is plenty far — if that leaves out Æthelred the Unready, so it goes. William the Conqueror, […]

Thenkachi Ko Swaminathan | 5 Public Speaking Tips/Techniques | Tamil | Karaikudi Sa Balakumar

Do you want to speak like Thenkachi Ko Swaminathan? You can. It’s very easy. I don’t mean speaking very slowly like he did I mean speaking with a charm like he did I analyzed more than 100’s of Indru Oru Thagaval of Thenkachi Ko Swaminathan From that, I understood why people like his speeches very […]

✅ Love Island: Alex George DROPS him and Alexandra Cane’s baby as he hilariously falls over after st

 The long-awaited Love Island baby challenge, which sees contestants tasked with looking after baby dolls in their pairs, is finally here  While the first look clip sees contestants like Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer, and Wes Nelson and Megan Barton Hanson, adjusting well to life as “parents”, Alex George seems to be struggling  The footage sees Dr. Alex […]

[Fatehpur News] In a minor, said sugarcane furnace in Sunni attacked a young man of his labor

In a small incident in Chakia village of Khatradu station area of ​​Fatehpur, a week before the sugarcane grill operator, attacked his laborer In a small incident in Chakia village of Khatradu station area of ​​Fatehpur, a week before the sugarcane grill operator, attacked his laborer In a small incident in Chakia village of Khatradu […]

Human ‘ Treeman ‘ begs for help as he turns into a tree.

Half man. Half tree. This is Dede, an ordinary 35-year-old with an extraordinary other world affliction. Dede has been forced to live all of his adult life with roots branching from his hands and feet. Sacked from his job, deserted by his wife, this Indonesian lives a life of poverty and pain with only his […]

Oliver Tree | Before They Were Famous | From Meme God to Viral Musician

Before Oliver Tree would drop viral hits with the video for “Alien Boy” sitting at over 18 million views on YouTube and the song “Hurt” at 22 million at the time of this recording. Before Oliver Tree would steel the show on what is now an all-time classic performance on the James Corden Show. Before […]

First pictures of dad who held six of his kids in Dutch farmhouse

The ‘off-grid’ father accused of holding six of his children captive in a secluded Dutch farmhouse for nine years in a bizarre doomsday sect used Facebook to post a series of photos and videos about his life and rant about good and evil Gerrit Jan van Dorsten also published footage of himself building a homemade […]

Tree Champion Spotlight

Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight, Featuring Tree. It’s just a tree.. Tree is best played in the jungle, ganking lanes can be hard however, since I’m just another tree. So getting used to flaming teammates is part of learning to play him. Tree only has one ability, his passive, ‘Be a Tree’. […]

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Last Dream: Monona Terrace (1997)

The principle of our work, which is its heart and center line, is really the ideology of a democracy. He took dreams and created some of the world’s most remarkable places. Places to live. Places to gather. And places to work. He used to say that architecture was like going to church. Because it made […]