Ori and the Blind Forest Part 1 WHY AM I CRYING?

a great big hello to everyone watching this I’m alliebeemac a.k.a nerd honestly guys this is a difficult one and I’m not even sure what I could do for this… the problem is I don’t own a single thing that could be considered nerdy per se I don’t have any props for this joke it’s […]

Trees – SNL

Jacksepticeye Animated | The Forest w/Markiplier

(Jack) oh god, I drank the booze. Okay, well I guess I’m not making Molotovs (Mark) I do that… I do that too, accidentally But you have an excuse, because you’re… Irish (Jack) yeah! (high five sound) (Jack) wait wait wait, they’re gonna fall for this Heeeyyy buddies! Look, shiny, green tennis ball! Stop swinging […]

Lazy Mutt Farmhouse Ale – Craft Beer

You’ve got enough? Comes in eights. Had him from just a pup but he never came when he was called. The only thing that dog ever did right was, was be the best friend you could ever ask for. You broke the mold old boy. Lazy Mutt Ale now available in Alberta.

Kevin the Cashier at a Christmas Tree Lot

There are two weeks left until Christmas and a lot of people are out buying christmas trees so I decided to send my writer Adam to a Christmas tree lot to play a cashier named Kevin. We set up hidden cameras and here’s what happened.>>Kevin the Cashier, played by Adam. [MUSIC]>>Hi, can I help you […]

“Indians are Cheap” | Russell Peters – Red, White, and Brown

>>Russell Peters: Look at all these Indian faces, Jesus Christ! [Laughter] Look at you, brown bastards, goddamn! [Laughter] Indians just look upset, that they had to spend money, to be here tonight, don’t cha? [Laughter and Clapping] Just the look, on their face, just– [Laughter] [indian accent] “This is bullshit!” [Laughter] “I don’t know, why […]

Official Clip ft. Jason Spencer | Ep.2 | Who Is America? | SHOWTIME

Erev tov. My name, Captain Erran Morad. Today, we learn defense from radical Islam terror. Picture the scene. You are chained to a radiator, naked with a bag over your head. All of a sudden, terrorists break in and kidnap you, completely ruining your birthday party. Yalla. What we waiting for? Let’s go. My name […]

TikTok’s Weirdest Mom

What’s up Greg I hope you’re all having a great day… Welcome back to another episode of… Cool moms This is a show called “Cool moms”™. Where we review moms… And talk about how cool they are. Specifically moms on Tik Tok. Specifically one mom on Tik Tok. This mom on Tik Tok. Seems like […]