Farmers market lies exposed: hidden camera investigation (Marketplace)

[ ♪♪ ]>>Charlsie: We’re inside farmers’ markets.>>The home grown ones, are they yours then, or…?>>Charlsie: Are you really buying direct from the farm? Or are they feeding you lies?>>What’s the farm called?>>Uh, Koornneef.>>Charlsie: So that’s Koornneef Produce, right over there. Not a family farm after all. Tracking down the truth. Consumers are paying a premium […]

Family Cannot Afford Christmas Tree | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree on Shane the Christmas tree it were the most classic symbols of the season and for many of us finding that special tree is often a family tradition the grandeur the tree the better green one year she’s too young we all remember that puny little tree in the […]