Polo Forest – Gujarat

Polo Forest is 150 kilometers away from Ahmedabad It is also known as Vijayanagar Forest Spread over 400 square kilometers, this forest is situated in the middle of the Aravalli hills After the monsoon, ie, between September to December it becomes very charming There are more than 450 medical plants and more than 275 species […]

Agricultural Sciences

[Bryn Behnke speaking] So, the agricultural sciences program here at Blinn is actually on all four campuses. So we have an actual ag complex here on the Brenham campus, but we offer classes in Bryan, Schulenburg and Sealy as well. We offer classes in everything from wildlife to ag economics to the marketing of ag […]

German Shepherd in the forest/Owczarek Niemiecki w lesie

We’re in our favourite forest Very close to our home The mountain forest Without any wolves & bears Good place for off-leash walks Here! Here Major, here! Major goes own path Major! To me! There you’re Come here I see you Come on A happy Major in the forest So what now wolf? You’re in […]

Tractor Song! | Nursery Rhymes | Original Song By LittleBabyBum! | ABCs and 123s

Tractors tractors on a farm, E-I-E-I-O Working, working as they go; helping things to grow! They’re ploughing here and ploughing there! Ploughing here, ploughing there, ploughing everywhere! Tractors tractors on a farm, E-I-E-I-O Tractors tractors on a farm, E-I-E-I-O Working, working as they go; helping things to grow! They’re sowing here and sowing there! Sowing […]

Теплица в жару одевается в наряд невесты. Форточки и двери открыты круглосуточно.

hello hello hello everyone hello beautiful city izmaila you are on the channel of raisa goryachenko dacha garden garden flowers Today I want to show you and answer the question how do I reduce the temperature in a polycarbonate greenhouse which is already our ninth year and it works very well and for this we […]

English Tutorial – Bauer’s Farmhouse/Bauerův statek #122 KCD|Kingdom Come

Greetings to all fans of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Today I’m going to hunt heretics. I’m going to find their gathering place. But before that I need to eat. Let me see what remains here. It is interesting … that nobody here replenishes those supplies. Well, hell, I’m hungry too. I want to fucking […]

Voices of Transition – Clip – Urban agriculture in Cuba

so I think rather than us sitting in the West saying… we’ve come up with the next development model for the developing world we should flip it around the other way cause actually we have an enormous amount to learn from people who live with much less than we do about food, and building and […]

Model Agricultural Village Uttarakhand – Gaibua Ramnagar Village Life

This is 6:00 AM. See Gaibua Village atmosphere People start their work from the early morning here. Punctual and Disciplined life. The water stream is flowing here. So beautiful this village is. [Woman Milking the cow.] See here, Cow, and Buffaloes. And these sheds. So green this village is. See how beautiful this place is! […]

#ICOScapes | Jungfraujoch (Switzerland) | Greenhouse gas observations

Jungfraujoch is the highest station in the ICOS network. In contrast to most of the ICOS stations that equip with tall towers on rather flat terrain we are here in a very complex terrain in the Swiss alps and we’re sitting on a kind of a natural tall tower at 3500 metres above sea level. […]

Building a Greenhouse Roof (North half) (Greenhouse Build #4)

all that paneling up there used to be on my front porch before I did my roof project and tore it down and replaced it that’s all reclaimed recycled roofing there I basically had to take a 2×4 strip it in half do a rip cut on it to fill this gap so it would […]