Haying – Mowing It Down on the Ranch & Farming

Hi, I’m Mike. We have now started up haying on the ranch, producing the bales that will feed our herd for the long, sometimes hard winter. Today we get a look at the first part of the haying process as we get to farming, and cutting grass on our Wyoming life Welcome to our Wyoming […]

All in The Family: A life well farmed

My father basically started the farm in 1972/73. He had an off farm employment then he gradually growed it bigger, big enough that he could quit his old off farm job. We ain’t got rich by no means. I’ve put every penny we had back into the farm through the years but we own some […]

Good Drugs Farm

Super Spreading! | John Deere 8235R & 4640

good morning everybody Ryan here we are in the 8235R and today for the first and only time we are putting the 8235R on a manure spreader so we’ve got two spreaders here we’ve got the Kuhn Knight Pro push 160 now I’ll talk about it more once we get down there and Andrews in […]

Longbranch Crossing – 2,785 +/- Acres of Hunting, Ranch and Timber Land FOR SALE

Introducing the BPX9010 Bale Processor | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

Farm subsidies are a solution in search of a problem | reTHINK TANK

The classic depiction of the American farm — an aging red barn on a plot of land tilled by a struggling mom and pop — is fiction. It’s time for Congress to rethink farm subsidies. For decades farm interest groups on Capitol Hill have argued that farmers are struggling and need substantial government assistance. The first […]

Massey DM Series Mower Conditioner Review

My name is Cam Guy from Everything Excavations & Ag. We specialize in civil constructions and agricultural contracting for the medium to large farms. In past years, we’ve run numerous brands of mower conditioners. This year we spoke about taking the next step and moving on to the new range of the Massey Ferguson mowers. […]

Why I Switched to Vermeer, Kansas Edition | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

(uplifting music) – I’m Tom Schwinn. I’m second generation here. We’ve been dairying here since ’50s. Now my boys and my nephews are farming with us. – We like to mow enough early in the morning. Then we usually chop later that evening. Then the next morning we’d like to get enough down to keep […]