Meet the 2017 GFB Excellence in Agriculture Winners

[Skye Pennino – 2017 GFB Excellence in Ag Winner] This past year has, has been amazing. You know, starting off in January with the discussion meet, making it all the way to the final four. And I guess the greatest thing that has happened, I guess to me personally through it is, people have started […]

University of Cumbria – National School of Forestry (Courses at Ambleside)

In the National School of Forestry at the University of Cumbria, we have a range of courses on offer. Our foundation degree in Forestry is kind of entry level into the forest industry, getting people who want to have careers out in the woods everyday. The next level up is our BSc courses. We have […]

Volvo Trucks – Hauling timber through Finland’s frozen forests – Meet our customer: Simpanen Oy

A lot is required from a good driver in this profession. We carry timber from the woods with a gross vehicle weight of 80 tons. The roads are narrow, icy and snowy, and there are icy ridges of snow. You have to have nerves of steel. You have to be careful but also courageous – […]

How ‘climate procrastination’ has put the planet in peril

JUDY WOODRUFF: The United Nations has released a grim and alarming assessment about the impact of climate change. Even worse, it found that countries around the world are not doing nearly enough right now to slow the damage before it becomes worse. JOHN CHRISTENSEN, Lead Author, United Nations Emissions Gap Report: The probability of avoiding […]

Low Price Agricultural land for sale – Andhra Pradesh Registration

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Meet our Master Growers of Visser Chrysanten

We harvest Sabas here by first removing 50 to 60% … of the ripest, best and freshest twigs … and making a bund of 5. This creates a beautiful, consistent product which is what VannoVa stands for. We wait 1.5 to 2 days and then harvest the rest. We then have a better product for […]

All About Ready+ Preventative Maintenance for Agricultural Equipment

My name is Nolan Jeral, I work for RDO Equipment Co. Do you have customers looking for an extended warranty program? Ready+ might be an option for them. If you have any questions about Ready+, please contact your Aftermarket Sales Professional

Floating Farm Takes Sustainable Agriculture to the Next Level

– First of all, very welcome at the first floating farm in the world. My name is Peter, and we are here in the Port of Rotterdam. We’re designing, developing, engineering floating farms on the water. It’s a challenge in the world to find space inside cities to produce healthy food very close to consumers. […]

A Resource for Farmers and Agricultural Business

[music] Paul Galleon:  My name is Paul Galleon. I live in Waldo, Maine. I have a small vegetable farm there. I also work at Johnny’s Selected Seeds in the research department. I deal with the technical information for our customers. I have found a great relationship with Cooperative Extension in the give‑and‑take relationships of sharing […]

Schleich Farm World Surprises Advent Calendar and Fun Animals Toys For Kids

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hey Guys! Racetoytime here! Today we’re going to open up the Schleich Farm World Advent Calendar Okay, let’s get started Okay box number one! Let’s see what we have here We have a lamb. This is so cute Okay in box number two Oh, look at this cute puppy! Box number three […]