How Close Are We to Farming Human Body Parts?

[TRACE] Right now, scientists are attempting to grow ears, kidneys, blood vessels, livers, even hearts. In fact, at the moment there are some people walking around with lab-grown bladders. But this is rare. In the U.S., over 80 percent of transplanted organs come from the deceased. The rest are donated by the living — except […]

Fuse: Smart Farming. Synchronized.

Humans are amazing. With every generation, we are pushing new limits. In culture, in science and in technology. Humans thrive when facing new frontiers. With the challenge of a growing population expected to reach nine billion by 2050, plus an already global, competitive marketplace, modern farmers are feeling the pressure. But through connectivity and big […]

Haying – Mowing It Down on the Ranch & Farming

Hi, I’m Mike. We have now started up haying on the ranch, producing the bales that will feed our herd for the long, sometimes hard winter. Today we get a look at the first part of the haying process as we get to farming, and cutting grass on our Wyoming life Welcome to our Wyoming […]

Farming Under the Sea for Japan’s Rare Delicacy

(soft music) – [Narrator] Seaweed is a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine. But, there’s unique type growing in the Pacific Ocean. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Seventy miles off the coast of mainland Japan is the small island of Okinawa. Home to one of the most unusual farming methods in the world. – [Narrator] Mr. Oshiro […]

Growing Food in the City – Urban Rooftop Farm in Downtown Toronto

>>ARLENE: we are at a quarter-acre rooftop farm at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. We produce ten thousand pounds of food each year that goes to the farmers’ market and to our CSA customers and it’s distributed to the food room as well which is where students can get food for free. When we started […]

Korean Modern Agriculture Equipment. / कोरियाको आधुनिक कृषि प्रणाली.

korean farming equipment

Super Spreading! | John Deere 8235R & 4640

good morning everybody Ryan here we are in the 8235R and today for the first and only time we are putting the 8235R on a manure spreader so we’ve got two spreaders here we’ve got the Kuhn Knight Pro push 160 now I’ll talk about it more once we get down there and Andrews in […]

Fire farming, Episode 1. Harvesting Witchety grubs prevents fires

g’day g’day, so today we’re talking fire management okay so we’re talking about indigenous fire stick farming and this is going to be a bit of a series on methods of prevention and methods of treatment and how indigenous peoples of Australia and around the world deal with and manage forests using fire. Now you […]