#ICOScapes | Saclay (France) | Greenhouse gas observations

This is Saclay tower. It’s pretty special, because it is located close to Paris megacity with 10.5 million inhabitants. And on the other side we also have the more rural area of Île-de-France. So depending on the wind conditions we can have really different gradients of greenhouse gas concentrations. Well this urban station, like in […]

#ICOScapes | Simon Stevin & VLIZ Thornton Buoy (Belgium) | Greenhouse gas observations

Today we’re sailing a research vessel that’s called Simon Stevin. The Simon Stevin is sailing in the southern bright of the North Sea as well as in the eastern part of the English Channel. It’s a very dynamic coastal environment. It has strong tides and a lot influence of the nearby Scheldt estuary. Today we […]

Federal government is not doing enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change

When we last looked at climate change commitments in 2012, we concluded that the government’s approach to introducing regulations sector by sector was unlikely to reduce emissions enough to meet the Copenhagen target.   Under the Copenhagen Accord, Canada committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to 17% below 2005 levels by 2020.   Based […]

Hey Bill Nye, ‘How Do Greenhouse Gases Trap Photons in Our Atmosphere’? #TuesdaysWithBill

Hello Mr. Nye. Happy Tuesday. My name is Billy. I’m a big fan and I have a question about climate change. If the photons from the sun are trapped in our atmosphere by our greenhouse gases then how come those same greenhouse gases don’t block photons from the sun from ever entering our atmosphere? Is […]

#ICOScapes | Jungfraujoch (Switzerland) | Greenhouse gas observations

Jungfraujoch is the highest station in the ICOS network. In contrast to most of the ICOS stations that equip with tall towers on rather flat terrain we are here in a very complex terrain in the Swiss alps and we’re sitting on a kind of a natural tall tower at 3500 metres above sea level. […]

What is Greenhouse Effect | Exam Related Facts about Greenhouse Gases | GK for SSC, Bank & Railways

Press the Bell Icon to never miss a video from Testbook.com Namaskar friends and welcome to this video. Today we will talk about an important topic. You all must be familiar with the hazardous pollution in Delhi. Due to this pollution and several other reasons many harmful gases are increasing in our environment. Today, we […]

#ICOScapes | Fendt (Germany) | Greenhouse gas observations

This is an agricultural station. So, we are in the middle of a pasture site. The grass around here is cut for the cows that live over there. And then eventually the farmer will spread the manure in this area again that the cows have produced. So it’s a close circle in a way for […]

#ICOScapes | Auchencorth Moss (UK) | Greenhouse gas observations

There are not actually many peatland sites in the world where CO2 fluxes are being measured. One reason why we are measuring carbon fluxes here at this peatland is to see how the carbon exchange might develop into the future with climate change. As the vegetation grows it takes up carbon from the atmosphere and […]

#ICOScapes | Lanžhot (Czech Republic) | Greenhouse gas observations

Today, we are visiting Lanžhot. Lanžhot is one of the ecosystem stations, in floodplain forest. Our study site is very important for ICOS measurements because of artificially altered hydrological regime. This may allow us to create general assumptions about how floodplain ecosystem can behave under changing climate. Those assumptions then, can be applicable globally for […]