River Birch – Betula nigra – How to Grow River Birch Tree a Pest Resisent Birch Tree

River Birch Betula nigra This is a native american birch. It grows very well in the eastern half of the united states has a wide range all the way from basically the Mississippi River and… Illinois southeast into the carolinas and north… even into Connecticut it’s native. It’s a great plant for the home landscape […]

Sean’s Allotment Garden 164: Seeds, seeds, seeds (February)

Reusing wasted poly bag as hanging tree pot/পলিব্যাগের পুনর্ব্যবহার(With English Subtitle)

Hello! this is a polybag I have a few more of these this type of polybags basically use to keep new clothes so instead of throwing these polybags I am using these bags as tree pots please see this full video to know how I am doing it here the soil I am using this […]

Summer Apple Tree Pruning

We’re at the Tollgate Education Center, part of Michigan State University facility in Novi, Michigan, and today we’re talking about summer pruning of apples. The traditional time to prune apples is usually in the wintertime, the months of February and March and even early April, when there’s no leaves on the trees it’s easy to […]

Banyan tree -1 bonsai (update) বটগাছ বনসাই (with English Subtitle)

Hello! This is a bonsai banyan tree I don’t have any video of this tree’s previous works that’s why I can’t show you those works now I will show you which works I have done to this banyan tree after this

Tree Gators: How to Water a New Tree

(upbeat music) Couple of really nice watering helpers out on the market now is the Water Gators, especially for your ornamental trees, woody plants. Usually you would not use this on a tree that has these lower branches like this, but just for demonstration, you just take the Tree Gator, zip it up on one […]

Crabapple Tree Pruning

Today I’m going to show you how I pruned my Prairie Fire Crab Apple. This tree was sadly overgrown. It had lots of crossing branches and was difficult to mow around. This is Rhonda Ferree with the University of Illinois Extension. I usually start by removing stems with the 3 Ds: dead , damaged, or […]