How to Install a Holman 2m Walk-In Greenhouse with The Garden Gurus

Have you got a packet of seeds lying around and you haven’t sown them yet because the weather isn’t quite right? Or you’ve got a bunch of seedlings or cuttings that you need to protect until they take root? Well greenhouse gardening can provide you with many benefits more so than conventional gardening and I […]

Farmhouse visits Terry Bates from Bellbowra Organic Certified

An hour and a half’s drive north of Port Macquarie is a paradise filled with pecan and macadamia nut trees plus the best Aussie garlic you’ll ever likely to taste I’m heading to meet Terry Bates and his Bellbowra Organic certifield farm in the fertile Nanbucca Valley. Terry. Tim. Nice to meet you. This looks […]

Farmhouse visits Farmer Jules from Piper’s Creek Grove, Dondingalong Organic Bushfoods

Piper’s Creek Grove is an Australian certified organic bushfood plantation in the mid north coast of New South Wales. The family business run by Jules has been operating, producing it’s Dondingalong organic bushfoods for nearly fifteen years. Jules what got you into growing Australian bushfoods? Well, my father did actually. He purchase all these plants […]

Holman Walk-In Greenhouse on The Garden Gurus

Have you ever dreamed of having your own nursery at home? I bet some of you have. Well, I’ve got just the thing for you budding nursery types. It’s your very own walk-in greenhouse that’s a hundred percent DIY easy to install and I’m gonna build it now because it comes with a kit. Assembling […]

Farmhouse visits Peter Fraser from Grampians Grove

anybody who’s been to Victoria’s Grampians will tell you this is stunning country. It’s been a popular destination and continues to be so for holidaymakers and nature lovers, but it’s also one of Australia’s oldest farming and grazing districts And it’s where Peter & Karen Fraser have set up their specialist nut nursery just outside […]

Farmhouse visits Grower Gordon from Jones Potatoes

Gordon Jones, owner of Jones Potatoes has been growing potatoes in Warangal in Victoria’s West Gippsland for three generations and is a passionate spud man. G’day Gordon How you going? Good to see you. Oh these look fantastic. What should you be looking for when buying a potatoe? Basically look for a potato that’s firm; […]

Farmhouse Dvisits Kathy from Wanalta Hill

Living on a sheep farm in Wanalta an hours drive west of Shepparton Kathy Barlow’s kitchen is a hive of activity 12 months of the year. She’s turned a passion for cooking into a successful online business. Kathy you’re a busy mother of four, living on a farm what’s driven you to create your own […]

Farmhouse visits Gabi French from Snowy River Station

Have you ever heard of sea banana or samphire or maybe sea spaghetti? Didn’t think so. That’s why heading to Snowy River Station in Victoria’s East Gippsland is such a treat. And find out more about these amazing sea vegetables you have to ask an expert and that is Gabi French Gabi well this is […]

Farmhouse visits Kim Darmody from Tathra Homestead

Outside the small South Australian country town Kapunda you find a remarkable 66 acres of Tathra homestead run by the Darmody family remarkable not only for its stunning location but for the unique olive oil it produces. Kim how is Australian olive oil different to imported olive oil. Most Australian olive oil is extra virgin […]

Farmhouse visits Stephen Walter from Burrum Biodynamics

you’ve probably heard the term biodynamics it’s a spiritual, cultural and ethical approach to food production and nutrition. First developed in the nineteen-twenties, the biodynamics movement encompasses thousands of gardens, farms and vineyards in all shapes and sizes across the world and Australia. And to really understand how I biodynamic farm works you’ve got a […]