10 Ways We Might Colonize the Galaxy

One of the great questions regarding the future of humanity is what are we going to do with the Milky Way. The Fermi Paradox shows us that, so far as we can see, it’s wide open and ripe for the picking … if we can get out there. And while great distances and energy required […]

Cutting Edge Innovations in Timber – Tasmanian Visiting Architects Program

The timber space is now moving into the innovation space, and this old tried and tested material that we’ve been using for thousands of years is actually now moving into a space where it is cutting edge. Engineered timbers, the way that it’s sourced, the sustainability of the product, creating closed-loop cycles — it’s all […]

Broached Goulder – Exclusively Tasmanian Timbers

This collection is easily the best work I’ve ever done because it has just such a deeper meaning and feeling and context. If I’m going to take a collection of furniture to the World then I want to represent Australia, I wouldn’t import timber from America or Europe; I’m representing my country, so Tasmanian timbers, […]

Why you should shop at your local farmers market | Mohammad Modarres

It’s been about a decade since the last financial crisis, yet this industry has never been bigger. Legislation that was meant to better regulate its largest players has hurt its smaller ones, resulting in most of the industry’s assets to be controlled by the top one percent. They’ve become too big to fail. I’m not […]

Upward Bound: Space Farming

Since the dawn of agriculture, few things have troubled farmers more than clouds in the sky when they want none or their absence when they’re desperate for a drop of rain. But things change when you’re doing your farming above the clouds, in space. Last time in the series we discussed power satellites, a way […]

Are indoor vertical farms the future of agriculture? | Stuart Oda

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Joanna Pietrulewicz So if you live on planet Earth and you’re one of seven billion people that eats food every day, I need you to pay attention, because over the next three decades, we will need to address one of the most critical global challenges of our generation. And I’m not […]

Vertical Farming Explained, with Dickson Despommier

As of this moment WHO and the population counsel estimate that about 50 percent of us live in cities. And the other half, of course, lives somewhere else. The other thing we can learn from NASA of all places is how much land those seven billion people, half urban, half rural, actually need to produce […]

A Sustainable Timber Skyline: The Future of Design | Ben Kaiser | TEDxPortland

Translator: Rhonda Jacobs Reviewer: Ellen Maloney Imagine … Imagine coming up out of a subway stop, or stepping off of a light rail or a MAX line. Imagine stepping down from the bus into the center of a large city. And now, look up. I bet what you see, and you’re surrounded with both steel […]

What Can You Do with a Giant 3D Printer Farm? | Gabe Bentz | TEDxBoise

Translator: Lisa Rodriguez Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs In the fall of 2016, I went home for the weekend. At the time, I was running a product design and engineering company, and we just finished a very large project. So when I went home, there was nothing to stress about. But, since there was nothing to stress […]